How to Animate Mask Shape Paths in After Effects

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Assume that you just created a shape using Masks or a simple text in After Effects and you want to animate it. Well, I am not talking about animating in terms of position, scale or rotation. Here we will be taking a look at animating the Mask Shape Paths.

Element 3D V2 Releasing on December 2

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Video Copilot finally revealed the release date of Element 3D V2. According to a tweet by Andrew Kramer, founder of Video Copilot, Element 3D V2 will be available from December 2. The Official Tweet: Official Element 3D V2 release date is in 2 weeks! Launch sequence underway….

How to Become a Better Artist – Andrew Kramer Speech

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Most of us have seen a movie, a visual effects, motion design, graphics and thought, that was one of the most amazing thing I have ever seen and there is no way I am ever able to do something that incredible. There are many reasons that are responsible for

Captain America Hilarious Piece of Artwork

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The Above image was shared on Instagram by superherojr. Captain America Hilarious Piece of Artwork by @renzorf. Follow him on Instagram for more amazing artworks. This post is part of our daily Photo of the Day column, where we find interesting photos related to Film and Visual Effects industry and share them with our

Tutorial 10: Rendering Projects in Adobe After Effects

Finally, we are at part 10! In this final video, we take a look at the rendering features and how to add your project to the “Render Queue”. Finally, you’ll learn about video codecs, why they exist and then take a look at some of the more common output

Tutorial 9: Audio, Parenting, and Expressions in After Effects

This part is all about the audio features in AE, and how to use audio assets. You will learn how to parent layers and how this can save you a lot of time and effort in compositing motion graphics. You’ll also learn how to implement expressions and how to

Tutorial 8: 3D, Tracking, and Stabilization in After Effects

In this in-depth part, you’ll explore the built-in 3D capabilities of AE, learning how to create lights, cameras, and 3D layers. You’ll also learn how to use Depth-of-Field and how to apply 3D-specific effects. And finally you’ll be introduced to Motion Tracking, Footage Stabilization, and 3D Camera Tracking. Download

Tutorial 7: Masks, Shapes, and Rotoscoping in After Effects

In this part of the series, you’ll learn how to create masks and how to manipulate mask settings, also learning how to create shape layers and explore the differences between shapes and masks. Download the Part 7 Source Files via Tuts+.   After Effects Tutorials for Beginners Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 6: Color Correction in Adobe After Effects

This part covers blending modes and how to brighten and darken your footage, you will also discover how to create vignettes and how to use them for creative focus. Download the Part 6 Source Files via Tuts+.   After Effects Tutorials for Beginners Tutorial 1: Overview and Getting Started

Tutorial 5: Understanding Text in Adobe After Effects

In part 5, you’ll quickly learn how to create and manipulate text assets, how to edit fonts, and also take a look at paragraph boxes and how to add layer styles to text layers. Download the Part 5 Source Files via Tuts+.   After Effects Tutorials for Beginners Tutorial