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After Effects Script collage

After Effects script for Automatically creating Collage

This After Effects Script allows you to create photo book-style arrangements of selected layers.Aspect ratios are respected and no cropping is done. If layers...
dynamic link

Dynamic Link between After Effects and Premier Pro

Dynamic Link Dynamic link allows you to use the power of After Effects in Premiere Pro, but it is something that many people do not...
Element 3D Titles

Announcing New After Effects Template – The Sky

The Sky is my new After Effects Template that will be available soon on Editing Corp. You can download the template for free and...

How to Create a Basic Countdown Timer in After Effects

Countdown Timer is a great way to start your video. You can download various Countdown Timer videos from YouTube but why not create your...

Element 3D to Convert 2D Text Layer into 3D Bevel in...

Element 3D Custom Layers There are several methods to convert 2D text into 3D inside of After Effects, but if you want more dynamic results,...
time lapse compositing cover

Time Lapse Compositing in After Effects – Creating the Space

I produced this Time Lapse video to show my compositing workflow in After Effects. I used Element 3D which is a third party plugin...
after effects templates

12 Best After Effects Templates for Animated Logo Reveal

Creating an Animated logo Reveal for your brand can be a complex procedure if you are starting with nothing. But, if you have After...
best youtube channels cover

7 Best YouTube Channels that are Dedicated to Visual Effects

There are number of Best YouTube Channels that are dedicated to Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. Out of those thousand Channels, below i have...
stan lee cameo

Stan Lee Cameo Appearances in Marvel Movies You Didn’t Notice

Do you know Stan Lee appeared in almost every Marvel Movie as a Cameo Appearance. Stan Lee Cameos in Marvel Movies that you didn't notice.
computer animation cover

7 Best Computer Animation Institutes in India

There are number of Computer Animation Institutes in India where you can enroll yourself if you desire to learn Animation or Motion Graphics. Below...
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