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after effects exoression for rotation cover

After Effects Expression for Rotating Layers Automatically

Working with After Effects is fun since there are so many features to explore. It's like a never ending experiment and you will discover...
online video editing tools and websites

List of Online Video Editing Tools and Websites

Editing Videos is very easy these days. With the introduction of Video Editing Software's, anyone can produce High quality videos using his/her home computer....
starter v1.0 logo reveal after effects template

Starter v1.0 Logo Reveal Free After Effects Template

Starter v1.0 is a free After Effects Template that you can download and use to create Logo Reveal Slide for your brand, business, YouTube...
Motion Tracking Mocha and After Effects

Motion Tracking Tutorial with Mocha and After Effects

Though Adobe After Effects has a built in Motion Tracking tool which can be used to track simple 2D shots, but the tool has...
logo reveal after effects templates

12 New and Fresh Logo Reveal After Effects Templates

Logo Reveal After Effects Template's can help you to create cool animation's and motion graphics for your company or brand logo. With small amount...
best after effects presets

10 Best After Effects Presets to Enhance Creativity

After Effects Presets are the best way to enhance your creativity and they act as a shortcut to achieve certain effects. After Effects Presets...
DCP or Digital Cinema Package

How to Create DCP or Digital Cinema Package With OpenDCP

We all enjoy watching movies at the theater's with a large bucket of Popcorn, Coke and Nachos. But, Did you ever thought how a...
batman the dark knight after effects template

Batman The Dark Knight Title Free After Effects Template

With this very simple Free After Effects template, you can create the Title Screen from the movie Batman - The Dark Knight. Though this a...

Few Universal Steps to Write a Good Story for a Movie

Writing a story for a Movie can be tricky unless you are working in the right direction. There are certain universal steps you need...

How to Create JPEG 2000 or J2K Image Files with After...

JPEG 2000 is a new image coding system that uses state-of-the-art compression techniques based on wavelet technology. It is also known as J2K. JPEG 2000...
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