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How to Make a DIY LED Light Panel for Film Making

DIY LED Light Panel for Film Making For Film Makers and Videographers, LED Light Panels play a crucial role since it helps to illuminate the...
Superman ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Superman Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Photo of the...

Henry Cavill, the gentleman that he is, was nominated many times for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he got more than he bargained for....
Iron Minions

Iron Minions – Photo of the Day

Take a look at this amazing Pencil Sketch shared on Instagram by Worldofpencils. Truly a wonderful concept where Iron Minions take up the skies in...
Online After Effects Tutorials

List of Websites that offers Online After Effects Tutorials

I believe Internet is the biggest source for learning anything these days. There are millions of websites offering great tutorials and training based on...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions

Teenage Mutant Ninja Minions – Photo of the Day

Minions are everywhere these days. Take a look at this amazing Pencil Sketch shared on Instagram by Worldofpencils. Teenage Mutants Ninja Minions are on...
The avengers family

The Avengers Family – Photo of the Day

Take a look at this family from New York, dressed like Avengers. Looks like they are all ready and set to save their homeland....
solve complex motion tracking mocha

How to Solve Complex Motion Tracking with Mocha

In this tutorial, Mary Poplin uses Mocha and Adobe After Effects to solve Complex Motion Tracking and insert a logo onto an obscured skateboard....

X-Men Taking on the Hulk: Avengers Vs X-Men Artwork

Here is an artwork by Bentti Bisson shared on Instagram by user 'superherojr'. This amazing artwork is all it takes to imagine the epicness...
Batman Cape and Cowl

Batman’s Cape and Cowl from Batman Vs Superman

This is the Cape and Cowl that will be worn by Ben Affleck in the upcoming movie Batman Vs Superman directed by Zack Snyder....
element 3d logo reveal

7 Best Element 3D Logo Reveal After Effects Templates

Element 3D is a Fast Open GL 3D object based particle Rendering Engine for After Effects. With Element 3D, you can import 3d models...
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