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FlexCam Camera Animation Template

Camera Animation Made Easy with FlexCam for After Effects

Camera Animations in After Effects can be annoying if you are trying to create some complex moves. Also, expanding camera layers to set Depth...
renting film making equipments

Renting Film Making Equipments for your Project

Technology is changing faster than we can take advantage of it. Taking into account the rapid acceleration of technology in the field of film...
things i learned from film making

50 Things I Learned About Film Making

Filming and shooting videos is a part of my life. It gives me happiness, satisfaction and a path to travel along with my baggage...

When Your Dad is an After Effects Expert

It's always good to have an amazing and a cool dad but you know what's great? Having a dad who can use After Effects...
100 Things to Learn About Photography

100 Things to Learn About Photography

Eric Kim is a street photographer currently based in Berkeley, California. As an undergraduate at UCLA, he studied Sociology and combined it with his...

Find Color Palettes of Popular Films with Movies in Color

Movies In Color is a Tumblr updated daily with stills from an array of movies with corresponding color palettes broken up into "light", "medium",...
Slow Motion Videos at 50 FPS with Canon 60D

Shooting Slow Motion Videos at 50 FPS with Canon 60D

Earlier I went out with my Canon 60D and shot a low light video at 6400 ISO. This time, I decided to shoot a...
Canon 60D Low Light Video At 6400 ISO

Canon 60D Low Light Video Test at 6400 ISO

I finally bought my very own Canon 60D, just because it's a well known Digital SLR for Film Makers and Videographers. Canon 60D offers...
Digital Technology Destroying Photography

Is Digital Technology Destroying Photography

I recently read a book by W.D. Emanuel titled 'The All-in-One Camera Book' based on Photography. The book was first published in Great Britain...
Apps for Film Making

Must Have Apps for Film Making and Video Production

Film Making and Video Production requires lots of efforts, team work and support. There are number of apps that can help you during different...
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