Monthly Archives: February 2015

Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Dumna Nature Reserve Park Filmed with Canon 60D

Last week along with my 2 friends, I went to Dumna Nature Reserve park, an ecotourism site open to the public located in the Jabalpur...
After Effects Templates for Valentines Day

16 Valentines Day After Effects Templates 2015

Valentines Day is around the corner and nothing is great than expressing your love with an amazing and attractive video. Videohive authors brings to you some...

Get Email Notification on After Effects Render Completion

If you have a long list of project to render in your render queue and you just don't want to sit in front of...
Canon 60D Short Jamtara

Trip to Jamtara and Filming with Canon 60D

On Thursday, February 5th 2015, I visited Jamtara Bridge which is quite popular among the teenagers. I heard a lot about the place but...

Running After Effects Scripts during Startup or Shutdown

Within the Scripts folder of your After Effects directory are two other folders called Startup and Shutdown. After Effects runs scripts in these folders automatically,...
Run After Effects Scripts from Command Line

How to Run After Effects Scripts from Command Line

If you are familiar with how to run a script from the command line in Windows, you can send a script directly to the open...
Easy Way to Set up Depth of Field in After Effects

Easy Way to Set up Depth of Field in After Effects

Depth of field is essential for any type of Motion Graphics work as it adds visual realism to the scene. After Effects camera animation...
Animated icon set

10 Animated Icons Pack for Adobe After Effects

Animated Icons always play a crucial role in Motion Graphics. Whether you are creating a Promo Video or an Opener, Animated Icons always helps...
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