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Best Tutorials After Effects

Best Tutorials for Someone New to After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a great tool for creating incredible Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. Before you get started, You'll need to have After...
helpful guide to after effects templates

A Helpful Guide to Using After Effects Templates

Are you a marketing person looking for an affordable way to create a polished video that represents your company? Are you a budding filmmaker...
DSLR File Format

Best File Format for Shooting Photos with DSLR

When you take a digital picture, data comes off your DSLR’s sensor in a string of binary ones and zeros. The camera’s processor then...
Set your DSLR White Balance Properly

How to Set your DSLR White Balance Properly

White balance ensures white objects come out white in your photograph, the principle being that if the white is right, all the other colors...
DSLR Focusing skills

How to Sharpen your DSLR Focusing skills

Autofocus has to be one of the greatest inventions for the DSLR user but, like most great inventions, it’s easy to get blasé about...

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