Monthly Archives: December 2015

After Effects 2016 Survey

After Effects 2016 Release and New Features (Survey)

It's hard to believe that the whole After Effects development team is right around two dozen including the quality engineers, managers, administrative assistant, etc....
color grading breakdowns

Color Grading Breakdowns of Hollywood Movies

According to wikipedia, 'Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either...
Bingo After Effects Script

Bingo After Effects Script For Organizing Your Projects

Hai Le, Motion Graphics Designer coded an After Effects Script called Bingo, which includes some features and utilities to boost motion designer's workflow. Bingo...
Action Stock Pack

Action Essentials Pack Vs. Shootout Stock Pack

The first choice of every film maker is practical effects over visual effects, whenever and wherever possible. Early film makers were mostly dependent on...
envato most wanted

Create After Effects Script and Win $10,000

Creating high end After Effects Scripts is a very complex process and now you could win awesome cash prizes worth $10,000 by uploading your...
envato video - movie maker and video editing

Create Professional Videos on your iOS Devices

Your iPhone or iPad is already shipped with a video editing software to trim the 20 minute video of your two year old learning...
GifGun for After Effects

How To Create Animated GIF Using After Effects

GIF are constantly gaining in popularity and now they can be easily integrated and embedded into Facebook posts, blogs and websites. The technology behind...
youtube facts

What’s uploaded, deleted and claimed in a typical day on YouTube...

What's uploaded, deleted and claimed in a typical day on YouTube. In-depth look into daily uploads on YouTube during the month of October 2015.
export still frame AE

Fastest Way to Export a Still Frame from After Effects

To export a still frame from After Effects, you have to go through the process of adding the project in Render Queue, picking up...
batman v supermanvideo

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice New Trailer

An all new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The VFX are made by: Double Negative (VFX Supervisor : Tom Proctor) MPC (VFX Supervisor :...
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