You want to create a logo reveal for your new YouTube channel, or maybe a personal project or for a client. With little hands-on experience in After Effects and a logo reveal template, you can do so in just a blink of an eye. Logo reveals are a great way to creatively showcase your company/brand logo in front of your audience. A good logo reveal increase brand awareness, reputation and loyalty among the viewers, audience or customers.

A professional graphics artist will charge you hundreds of dollars for a 5-10 second logo reveal clip. If you are tight on a budget and wants to create it on your own, then an After Effects Logo Reveal is the perfect solution. A good quality template comes with a step-by-step tutorial video to guide you through the process of editing the template.

An attractive logo reveal should be creative and minimal as well. Professional marketers recommend minimal design as the best way to increase conversions.

Here’s a huge collection of 100 creative and minimal logo reveal projects/templates for Adobe After Effects.

Logo Reveal Projects

1Logo By D-Music


2Logo By Makcinema


3Logo By Motion-Bear


4Logo By Wave5


5Logo By NikFek


6Logo By AbleStepTheOne


7Logo By RomanP


8Logo By Miko


9Logo By Heis


10Logo By BMA-Production


11Logo By Joe Production


12Logo By Raiaa


13Logo By Ahmed D Ashraf


14Logo By Initial Design


15Logo By Max Kravechenko


16Logo By Rwhe


17Logo By Creattive


18Logo By Forteo


19Logo By Dearts


20Logo By Motion-Bear


21Logo By Smaille


22Logo By JustYSmile


23Logo By Boldart15


24Logo By Quadro


25Logo By RomanP


26Logo By Eduard


27Logo By BMA-Production


28Logo By Smart Pixel


29Logo By Sodi Sobi


30Logo By BMA-Production