3D Animation and Motion Graphics changed the entire media industry over a decade. We cannot imagine all the cool and amazing Superhero Movies without those Animation Software. Speaking about the Superhero Movies, Hollywood produces a number of such films such as The Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man or The Avengers. Indian Cinema commonly known as Bollywood also has its own Superhero. Yes, of course you are right. Krrish, known as the mighty hero of all children.

If we compare all the Hollywood Superhero Movies with Bollywood ones, wait a minute! First of all, by comparing such great movies with Krrish or any other Indian superhero’s like Shaktimaan, I don’t want to hurt any one’s feeling. I know you are a great fan of Hollywood Superhero’s.

Back to the point, if you compare the Hollywood superhero movies with Bollywood Superhero Films, you will realize how bad 3D animation and Motion Graphics is in Bollywood, and the story of course, you know it very well.

Did you know why India lacks so much when it comes to 3D Animation and Motion Graphics. Though Indian Vfx has improved a lot from the past few years but still we are miles away from other countries. If your answer is lack of talented artists or technology, then my friend, you are absolutely wrong. India is a country where you will find a number of great talented artists in every city, every alley and we also have the best and latest technology available.

Well, Visual Effects alone can’t be blamed for bad CG, it is the story as well, because for me, a superhero dancing and singing a song with his girlfriend is just completely insane. Imagine Spiderman dancing with his Girlfriend on top of a building, or Hulk goes on a mountain, singing a song. Isn’t it funny.

spidy dance

A Superhero has a great responsibility on his shoulders. As narrated by Uncle Ben in Spiderman movie.

“With Great Powers comes Great Responsibilities.”

Back to 3D Animation and Motion Graphics, If we have talented artists and updated technology, then why we see bad and unrealistic Vfx in Bollywood films. The main reason is lack of passion along with fear of society due to which good artist never gets an opportunity to work as an artist.

Lack of passion because as a student, every Indian boy is made to realize how important is to get a degree rather than discovering something or chasing your passion or dreams. When I first told my parents about my interest and passion, their first reaction was, get a degree boy, then do whatever you want to do and there I go ultimately landed into an engineering college.

I knew after 4 years of engineering I won’t be able to follow my passion anymore because after that my parents will be forcing me to get a job since all my friends and classmates will be earning by then. So I rather decided to drop out my college and start working as a freelancer. Then came the fear of society and the most common phrase used by typical Indian parents. ‘Log Kya kahenge’ (What will people think).


Since I wanted to be a Vfx artist, there is indeed a degree program in such field which I decided to opt for, but then my dad was like- ‘that degree has no value, you will not get anything apart from wasting my money and your time’.

This hasn’t only happened to me, but happens with every other guy who has a dream and a passion to do something different in life. All the good artists become an engineer or a doctor and mid level artists works as Vfx artists creating bad and fake animation. And, I am not saying every artist working in the animation industry is bad, but the majority is somewhat like this. I personally went through Show Reel of many Visual Effects artists and found my content much better.

If people start chasing their dreams and moral values rather than academic value or so called degrees,  India will produce great movies with amazing 3d Animation and motion Graphics. Actually, India will be ahead in every field, every sector.


  1. This is so ‘my’ kind of post for I see all reasons which I have thought of so far, the bad story, fear of acceptance by Indian society and then ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ disease.
    And that’s why I completely agree with the reasons you quote and I don’t think there’s any solution for those. Changing the viewpoint of society – we find it difficult to change the viewpoint of parents, how would we make an impact on the entire Indian society. And you know what, by the time you actually start becoming successful in making that ‘change’, you actually develop the same viewpoint which you were actually trying to change and the story continues for generations and generations..
    And you missed one thing – habit of copying the stories. Did you watch the movie Krrish 3. It was the bad copy of X-men and spiderman.. wasn’t it?


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