On Aug 12, Video Copilot released a new and free After Effects Script ‘3D Pre-Compose‘. Every time when you are working with pre-composed layers, you have to manually create a copy of camera and lights inside those pre-comps.

Therefore Andrew Kramer and his team at Video Copilot released a Script that will do the job automatically for you.

The 3D Pre-Compose Script makes it easy to pre-compose 3D-aware layers by automatically copying all cameras & lights into the new comp with linked expressions.

Andrew announced this free After Effects Script on July 30, 2014 on twitter.

Finally on August 12, 2014, 3D Pre-Compose was released along with an in-depth tutorial video.

According to the response given by the users of this script, 3D Pre-Compose is meant to solve one of the most common problem faced by After Effects users.

3d pre-compose free after effects script

Key Features of 3D Pre-Compose

  • Create displacement maps out of 3D aware layers.
  • Isolate 3D layers for different lighting setups in the same scene.
  • Disable Depth Of Field for certain layers.
  • Lens Flare obscuration maps in 3D: For Element 3d & Particular, etc.
  • Apply 2D effects to a 3D layer in screen space.

Download 3D Pre-Compose now and watch this tutorial by Andrew Kramer to learn more about the usability of this free After Effects Script.

Watch this Tutorial on Videocopilot

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