Earlier I went through the process of creating 3D Text in After Effects using the Element 3D plugin. But what happens when we don’t have the plugin and stills wants to create 3D looking text.

There is an in-built preset in After Effects called SHATTER and the job of this preset is to break and shatter things. But with just a small trick, we can even create 3D Text using SHATTER effect.

The best part is we can also create an After Effects Camera to orbit, pan or move around the text just like we supposed to do with Element 3D. We can even create a Light Layer to further enhance and stylize the text.

In this After Effects Quick Tip video, I will go through the necessary steps and show you how to create 3D Text in After Effects with Shatter Effect.

Creating 3D Text with Shatter effect

Watch this Video on Vimeo

If you don’t want to start from scratch, download this pre-created After Effects Project File for creating 3D Text. It also uses the same Shatter Effect method to generate 3D text.