Every minute, users upload 300 hours of footage to YouTube. The videos range from the professional and informative to the goofy and strange, and the makers use a range of tools, such as animated backgrounds and after effects templates. What can you do to make a successful YouTube video? Here are some helpful tips.

How to Make a YouTube Video

How to make a Good YouTube Video

Focus on Strong Content

You need an emotional hook for your video. Do you want to arouse curiosity? Incite laughter? Instill sadness by bringing attention to a problem? Set a goal for your video, and use that as the focal point when you are writing, filming, and finishing it.

Prepare Well

If you are creating a tutorial where you will talk your viewers through a process, you will need to prepare what you’ll say. Yes, you might know the subject at hand backwards and forwards, but a rough outline or some bullet points will help you speak clearly and stay on track. Have in mind a few things you can say to direct your viewers to your future videos. Also, before recording, take a look at some other good videos on YouTube for reference.

Use High-Quality Equipments

You don’t have to go out and purchase an ultra HD camcorder to make a good Video for YouTube, but you should make sure that your webcam, smartphone, or whatever other device you choose to use has a crisp picture and can clearly pick up sounds. Depending on the subject and setting of your video, you may also want to purchase lighting equipment so your viewers can clearly see what you’re doing.

Add Effects

A video without bgm (background) music may come across as amateur or dull. You can purchase quality tracks from a royalty free music library. The music will enhance the mood in your video and can cover up annoying background noises. You may also want to consider using after effects templates and stock video footage from a site like Videohive or MotionElements. These will help you transition between parts of your video and will give it an impressive visual flair.

Edit, Edit, Edit

If this is your first YouTube video, the prospect of editing may seem daunting. YouTube has its own video editing tool that is not too difficult to use. However, if you want a truly professional finish, you will have to dedicate time to learning how to use a more robust software platform. Even some free editing programs have an impressive array of features.

Creating YouTube videos can help you inform the world about issues, advertise your brand, or just entertain the masses. Use the tips listed above to make sure your videos are top-notch.


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