Adobe After Effects is the widely used Motion Graphics Software. Most Visual Effects Studios currently use this software for their projects. The best example is the Iron Man movie, where we all saw that awesome display or screen of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. It was created using Adobe After Effects. Not only Iron Man but their are many great movies where After Effects has played an important role. Though, it requires a deep knowledge of this software and creativity to create such amazing Visual Effect. People like us, can also make use of Adobe After Effects for many basic purposes, out of which Best 5 uses of Adobe After Effects are listed below.

Adobe After Effects for Visual Effects

Well, creating Visual Effects is the main aim of Adobe After Effects. One can create almost any kind of scene with this software. I am a very big fan of this software since it gave me a way to create something unique and amaze people. Many a times, my friends, after watching some of my videos or short films, ask me how you created this shot or that shot. Than i proudly say its the magic of my very own Adobe After Effects.

I first heard about After Effects in 2011. The same year, i got my hands on it and started learning it. My first Visual Effects scene was one where i was sitting on my dining table with my twin.  It took me almost an entire day to figure out and create that shot. Since practice makes a man perfect. Today, i can create that same scene in minutes. If i can do so, than anyone can. And i never went to a Visual Effects school. Internet became my major source of learning and so it is today.


Adobe After Effects provide a very user friendly user interface, a project panel, a composition panel, effects panel as well as a timeline. It comes with many pre-loaded effects and plugins which makes your work very easy. When it comes to motion tracking, though there are many great software’s such as Boujou, but After Effects has an inbuilt Motion tracker which makes it comfortable when you wish to motion track a footage. It is a 2D tracker but if you wish to work with 3D motion tracking, a third-party plugin known as the Camera Tracker by Foundry is available which you can install in your After Effects.

When Adobe After Effects cs5.5 arrived, Adobe introduced an amazing tool with it. The ‘Warp Stabilizer‘, as the name suggests, the plugin is used for stabilizing shaky footage’s or video’s. The latest versions such as CS 6 as well as CS 7 introduced 3D workflow and rendering too, but if you wish to work with 3D inside of CS 5.5 or earlier version, you can trust on Element 3D which is again a third party tool but works very well with After Effects.

Adobe After Effects for Video Cut & Crop


I believe many of us do not have a very deep knowledge of Visual Effects and are limited to software’s like Windows Movie Maker for simple Video Cut and Crop to create a video or a short film. For such people, After Effects can also become a platform since it is not limited to Visual Effects only. You can simply import your Video’s or footage, cut it, join it or crop it. Add a bit of sound or Music and render it out. Where software’s like Windows Movie Maker renders your final video in wma format only, After Effects gives you freedom to render out your final file in multiple formats such as mp4, mov jpeg sequence, png sequence etc. which are highly supported by Youtube or other video sharing websites.

Simlilarly if you wish to join or bind different videos together, than also you can make use of After Effects.

Adobe After Effects for Photo Editing & Manipulation

Now there is one software which instantly comes into our mind when we talk about Photo Editing as well as Photo Manipulation. Yes, you are absolutely correct! Adobe Photoshop. From January 1988, its release date till today, it the most widely and known Photo Editing Software. It servers the best tool for a task like this.

But, since we are talking about After Effects in this article, so i must tell you, this software can also help you with your Photo Editing and Manipulation work. I personally use After Effects for all my Photo Editing work, from color correction to grain removal, stamp tool, clone tool. After Effects has all those necessary tools which one needs for such work.

For those who are more creative and like to work with Photo Manipulation. After Effects can serve them the way Photoshop use to do.

Adobe After Effects for Video Conversion

After Effects can also be used for converting your video’s from one format to another. You can change the resolution as well as frame rate of the output file. Since After Effects offers as well as support number of formats, it is very easy to convert your videos into variety of different formats.

You can also convert video files into mp3. For example if you have a Music Video and you want only the sound track of it. Simply import it into After Effects and render it as mp3. An easy and fast solution, isn’t it?

Adobe After Effects for Music Mixing


Last but not the least, though this title seems a bit weird. Music Mixing in Adobe After Effects, but yes it is possible. I am not saying After Effects can be an alternative for those professional sound mixing software, but till some extent, you can make use of it to mix and edit your music. Believe me, i did that once for my college dance group when they needed to mix 4-5 songs together.

Simply import your mp3 music files, edit them as it you are editing a video. Since you can add multiple layers into your timeline. You can create decent soundtracks, but this again depends on one’s creativity.

If you have any other ideas and uses of Adobe After Effects, than do let me know. I would be glad to hear from you.