ActionVFX is a visual effects stock footage website created for VFX artists, filmmakers, and other creative professionals. Their library contains over 1000 high-quality 5K VFX elements of Explosions, Fire, Smoke, Particles, Debris, and much more.

The team is no stranger to the word ‘action’ – over the summer, they spent 5 intensive weeks shooting 20 brand new Collections, which almost doubles what they currently have. These new collections include Explosions, Water FX, Flamethrowers, Dust, and Fire. The first products scheduled for release are Explosions and Water Elements.

Explosions Category

This category features four brand new Collections: Gas Explosions, Aerial Explosions, Dust Explosions, and Dirt Blasts. Three of the Collections were shot on a RED Weapon Helium in 5K resolution. The Collections were shot in front of a blue background which is sure to revolutionize the industry because of the retention of detail in the smoke and fire.

Water Elements

These aren’t your typical, small bullet hit water elements – these are 100% REAL and done on a much larger scale! The four new Collections will include: Water Splashes, Small Water Hits, Medium Water Hits, and Water Blasts. These types of elements are heavily needed in the VFX universe, and aren’t readily available without having to create time consuming CG simulations. These were also shot in 5K resolution, at a variety of angles to fit most compositing situations.

“Capturing real, large-scale, Water Elements was one of the hardest tasks we’ve done at ActionVFX, but in the end, the results speak for themselves. Currently users have to solely rely on time-consuming CG simulations to create water effects at this scale, but once these are released, all that should change.”

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, ActionVFX CEO.

Explosions and Water Elements will be released in September, with the remaining collections – Snow, Fog, Dust, and more – releasing through November.

ActionVFX works hard to provide high quality visual effects by combining a love for the process with the technical know-how of VFX and Filmmaking.

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