While some photographers might be naturally gifted, and just do amazing work from the moment a camera is put into their hands, that is not the case for most of us. We have all experienced mistakes in our quest to be better photographers. It’s part of the process. Some mistakes will be made again, while others have completely changed the course of our photography journey.

But here’s some basic mistakes that great photographer’s never make – probably because they have learnt it the hard way. Are you willing to learn from their mistakes? Here you go:

1. Not Scouting The Location

Always do a pre-shoot before the actual shoot. Yes, doing pre-shoots lets us know about the ups and downs of the location and you can always walk ahead and look for better places for the required photo shoot.

Now this might not be applicable for all scenarios so don’t break your head over this. Famous photographers say that they scout for beautiful locations every single day as they commute to work and hang out with friends. This is a very essential and basic skill that every photographer needs to possess. So, right from today, always have an eye out for locations that inspire you.

2. Expecting Great Shots Every Time

Let’s face the fact that we all dread “We will not succeed every single time”. And this applies to photography often. We might have had an expectation in mind but it doesn’t turn out well. The thing we have to realize is that there’s a lot of things that go into making a photograph perfect and it doesn’t go right all the time. Even a small change in weather and light can send us home without a proper shot.

And it’s OK.

We need to have realistic expectations when it comes to photography and the important point is that we need to be out there trying to get the perfect shot when everything does line up.

3. Sticking To A Single Perspective

if you are a photographer, you need to know that things looks beautiful when looked at from different perspectives.

Now there’s no right answer as to what’s right and what isn’t. You just have to experiment with different angles and directions. Invest some time into it and get it done. Some common mistakes that photographer’s do are leaving too early or coming too late. Being in a location for a while can really give us different lighting and things really do look beautiful with lit up orange skies at sunrise and sunset.

Another common mistake is staying at one place. You know how people say that the most beautiful picture of a monument is taken from afar. Try switching the perspectives often and you won’t regret it.

4. Focusing On What Others Are Doing

It is so easy to lose focus, especially in this social media world where we are constantly bombarded with endless content from other people we follow. Instagram has an ocean of photographers and endless loop of beautiful photos uploaded every single second and most people lose sight of what actually inspires them and they follow the footsteps of others.

In fact, this is a common mistake that many photographers go through when they are starting up and if you are going through this, Our advice is to remember why you started doing photography and what really inspires you.

Remember what inspires you and you will do great. We know its not easy to stop comparing ourselves with others, especially when we are a part of online communities like Instagram and Facebook. Try not to second guess your work based on other’s perspective.

5. Using Free Editing Software

Some even say that this is a sin in photography. We know that the work of a photographer is not done until he has completed the editing part of it. Editing can do great wonder’s to a photograph. Like we discussed above, there’s a lot of things that go into making picture perfect.

As much as we hate to spend our money on software’s, we need to acknowledge that editing is a very vital part of photography. So consider spending some amount of money to get the necessary tools required.

6. Having A Great Camera Is Not Enough

There’s this thing that goes around always “He has a good camera, he’s a good photographer”. Just because you bought a good camera and gear doesn’t mean you’ll capture great photos. One really needs to invest “time and energy” into learning the art. It’s not the camera, it’s the person behind that makes it amazing. Learn to use the camera well and have an eye out. Keep experimenting and you’ll be a great photographer one day.

“A man learn from his mistakes, A wise man learns from other’s mistakes”. So hope you get the idea behind the article and we hope it provided you with some deep insights.