The first choice of every film maker is practical effects over visual effects, whenever and wherever possible. Early film makers were mostly dependent on practical effects due to lack of visual effects technology and computing power.

With the evolution of technology and digitalization of film making, more and more film makers are now adapting the art of CGI (Computer generated imagery), Visual Effects (combining 3d imagery with live action footage) and Stock Footages.

Over the years, compositing techniques have evolved and now film makers and editors can create impossible to shoot movie scenes inside the studios with the help of Ccmpositing software’s like Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion, Fxhome HitFilm and Pre-Keyed Stock elements.

To create an action video, there are tons of pre-keyed and green screen footage available over the internet. While a true film maker/editor never compromises with the quality of the film, there are two action stock footage packs that comes to his/her mind – ‘Action Essentials Pack‘ by and ‘Shootout Stock Pack‘ by

Both the above mentioned Action Stock Footage packs contains various type of action related High-Definition and Pre-Keyed video clips. This includes explosions, guns muzzle flashes, blood elements, bullet hits, smoke, dirt, debris, shell casings and more. Users can simply drag and drop the elements over their footage.

Action Essentials Pack

Action Essentials Pack is the most widely used Stock Footage pack by television and film industry. Elements from this pack can be seen in various television advertisement and major Hollywood Action Films.

This action pack is available in 720p High Definition [1280 x 720] and 2K film resolution [2048 x 1152].

The pack features:

  • 20 Categories of FX
  • 500 Pre-Keyed High Definition Elements
  • Available in 2 Versions: 2K and 720p
  • 60 Minutes of After Effects Training
  • 20 Bonus Action Sound FX
  • Detailed Video Thumbnails
  • Over 90% Live Action Footage


The 720p High Definition version of Action Essentials Pack can be bought for $99.95 USD while the 2K Film Resolution version is available for $249.95 USD.

For more information on Action Essentials Pack, Visit VideoCopilot Store.

Shootout Stock Pack

Shootout Stock Pack is a gun-themed action stock footage pack designed to enhance your shootout scenes. The pack includes over 150 pre-keyed 1080p HD stock footage clips and images that are perfect for realistic VFX.

The pack features:

  • 25 Blood Elements such as blood bursts and splatters.
  • 33 Bullet Hits such as wall hits, dirt hits, and sparks.
  • 32 Muzzle Flashes of handguns and machine guns.
  • 16 Shell Casings from various weapons.
  • 15 Smoke Puffs for gun smoke.
  • 32 Images such as bullet holes, blood hits, and sniper scopes.
  • 3 Product Tutorials using Hitfilm and After Effects.


Shootout Stock pack is one of the most affordable action stock package and is priced at only $19.99 USD.

For more informaton of Shootout Stock Pack, Visit

ActionVFX – Rodypolis Kickstarter Project team is creating an Explosion, Fire, and Fireball stock footage pack! These 3 Effects Packs are for whenever you need to blow something up, or burn something down, in your Film projects.


Image by

The effects will be delivered in 4K or 2K resolution! The 4K version is perfect even for HD projects because it lets you resize the effects without losing quality.

Effects that are cut off are useless for most wide shots, Explosions are shot vertically to increase head room without sacrificing detail.

For full information on ActionVFX, visit

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