Adobe After Effects has the functionality of custom scripting, means you can create custom scripts to enjoy some additional features of your own. It is true you need a deep knowledge of JavaScript to create Adobe After Effects scripts, But running and executing a script is very easy. To run a Script, go to File > Script > Run Script File.

Script to Create Folders in Adobe After Effects

This script allows you to describe a hierarchy of folders to create in the Project panel by entering folder names on successive lines, with the indentation implying the nesting level. To enter new lines, press Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Ctrl+Return (Mac) in CS5.5 and earlier, or just Enter/Return in CS6 and later. Use four (4) additional spaces of indentation at the beginning of a line to indicate that you want a folder to be created inside the previous parent folder.

folders script1

You can use this script as a dockable panel by placing it in a ScriptUI Panels subfolder of the Scripts folder, and then choosing the Folder Setup.jsx script from the Window menu.


To run the Script. Go to File > Script > Run Script, browse to the directory where you downloaded the script and open it.

This Script will create folders in your project panel in Hierarchy form. You can also Download the Script here. Right Click on it and Choose Save Link as.

organize project folder

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