In a recent newsletter by Cinedesk, the developers of cineXinsert – a file to file insert edit application, announced a free Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin to export ‘Insertable’ Pro Res files.

For Adobe Premiere Pro users delivering Pro Res files, your workflow just got a lot easier as rewrapping Pro Res files to enable insert editing is no longer a requirement.

cineXinsert allows you to directly overwrite audio, video or captions to files you’ve already exported. It overwrites changes to files that you’ve already exported. This means that if there’s a mistake or a problem, you can overwrite the change instead of going back to your editing software and re-exporting the whole file again.

cinedesk cinexinsert premiere pro plugin

One known limitation when working with Pro Res files in cineXinsert is the need to first prep Pro Res files for insert edit by re-wrapping them. While the re-wrap process can be as fast as a file copy, it’s still an extra step. (Learn more about re-wrapping Pro Res).

To this end, Cinedeck is working with several primary NLE software developers to create system native pathways for directly exporting CBR Pro Res files.

First out of the gate is a Cinedeck developed plugin for Media Encoder CC – Adobe’s media management tool integrated into Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and other Adobe applications.

Once the plugin is installed, simply create a new sequence preset using Cinedeck Pro Res and set the audio routing. When the edit is complete, a CBR Pro Res file can be directly exported with Media Encoder. In addition, because Cinedeck leverages Apple’s Pro Res library, you know the resulting files will be completely compatible.

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