It’s hard to believe that the whole After Effects development team is right around two dozen including the quality engineers, managers, administrative assistant, etc. Isn’t it surprising considering how complex the program is. The team has already started working on the next After Effects 2016 releases and they are reaching out AE users through reddit.

Reddit user toddkopriva who is an existing Adobe Employee posted a thread on After Effects subreddit with a link to a survey AE team is conducting to get feedback from After Effects users and help determine the key areas of focus on their next releases.

Their 2016 goal is to release a high-degree of quality and performance improvements that have the greatest impact on users.

After Effects 2016

Many users have already started commenting on the reddit thread, requesting for various new features which can possibly enhance the workflow of motion design projects.

Reddit user mezacon has requested a built in keyboard shortcut editor and many others have appreciated the idea since it is very difficult to modify the keyboard shortcuts in current versions of After Effects.

Sander Van Dijk is an advanced AE user who spend countless hours in After Effects, solving complicated Visual Effects problems and creating 2D animations. He collected data and ideas from various AE users which in turn can inform the After Effects team on how users work and what they want in future releases – making After Effects an even better tool than it already is today. You can vote for the features proposed by Sander Van Dijk you’d like to see implemented.

According to another reddit user, AE team is already been talking to Sander about his ideas.

The survey by Adobe takes less than 10 minutes to complete and it addresses your use of After Effects as well as helps define the quality improvements you’d like to see in future releases that will benefit your workflow.

Also expect using your mobile devices (tablet or phone) as an extension of your After Effects workflow any time soon.

If you have any thoughts, ideas and features for After Effects 2016 releases, share them with us in the comments below.


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