Reddit user Colonel_D is giving away 7 After Effects color presets for free to imitate Circa 1980 faded film looks. In After Effects subreddit, he posted:

“These were the results of a test that worked surprisingly well. I scanned some actual old faded photos, then carefully colour corrected them via RGB levels and hue/sat. Then I made another pair of levels & hue/sat, and precisely reversed all the values, without any editorializing at all. Balls.”

After Effects Color Presets

Download & Installation

7 Free After Effects color Presets for Faded Film look can be downloaded HERE. To install the presets:

  1. Extract the zip file you download and copy ‘Circa 1980 Faded Photo Presets‘ folder.
  2. You need to paste the folder into the ‘Presets‘ folder for your version of After Effects.
    For Windows users: Windows: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe After Effects YOUR VERSION/Support Files/Presets
  3. Now start up After effects, you will find your new presets under ‘Animation Presets‘ in ‘Effects & Presets‘ panel. You can enable the ‘Effects & Presets‘ panel from Windows > Effects & Presets or use the keyboard shortcut ‘CTRL + 5‘.
    effects and presets panel


Colonel_D in his reddit post has not mentioned anything about the compatibility of the presets. So, I personally tested them out with After Effects CS 5.5 and After Effect CC 2015.

It looks like the presets are only compatible with the latest CC 2015 version of AE and not with older versions.