There is no doubt After Effects is a good Motion Graphics Program. What makes it great is the scripting feature which serves as a magic spell to achieve great effects or settings in seconds. With very little knowledge of Javascript and C programming, you can create your own After Effects Scripts. From creating a new composition to generating organized hierarchical folders in Project Panel or creating a collage, a few lines of code will solve the purpose.

Running a Script is very easy, all you have to do is Open up After Effects and go into File > Scripts > Run Script File. Select your script file and After Effects will automatically run it for you. If you wish to modify the script and play with the codes, then you can open it up with Script Editor by going into File > Scripts > Open Script Editor.

Here are top 10 After Effects Scripts that can help you minimize your work and time.

10 Best After Effects Scripts for Better Workflow

Express is an After Effects script which helps you edit or fix expressions in your project. Finding an expression is finally an easy task. Navigate through all your expressions or find any erroneous scripts within a couple clicks. Replace part of multiple expressions at once. Toggle on/off any expression in your project.


  • Find part of expressions inside your project
  • Find all expressions inside your project
  • Find all expressions with errors
  • Quickly edit expression
  • Enable / Disable single or multiple expressions
  • Replace a part of an expression in all expressions
  • Replace a part of an expression in selected expressions

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