In this article, you’ll go through 6 After Effects scripts that are best known for saving time by minimizing a lot of manual work.

There is no doubt After Effects is one of the best Motion Graphics software in the industry. What makes it great is the scripting feature that acts like a magic spell to perform a series of operations.

You can use After Effects scripts to automate repetitive tasks, perform complex calculations, and even use some functionality not directly built into the software.

With some basic knowledge of Javascript and C programming, you can create your own After Effects Scripts.

From creating a new composition to generating organized hierarchical folders in Project Panel, a few lines of code will get the job done.

Running an After Effects script is very easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Open up After Effects and go into File > Scripts > Run Script File.
  2. Select your script file and After Effects will automatically run it for you.
  3. If you wish to modify the script and play with the codes, then you can open it up with Script Editor by going into File > Scripts > Open Script Editor.

In the list down below, you’ll go through 6 After Effects scripts that are best known for saving time by minimizing a lot of manual work.

1. Cleaner 2.0V

Cleaner 2.0v is a script for Adobe After Effects that will help you organize your project file structure in seconds.


  • Clean the project file structure in a second.
  • Choose which folder to create.
  • Rename the folder as you want.
  • Delete unused files.
  • Delete missing files.
  • Bring Render comp to the top.

2. New Project Pro

New Project Pro 1.0v is a script that will help you speed up the process of making all the compositions, folders, etc at the beginning of making a project file.

Not only that but it will keep it clean and organized!


  • Create default composition.
  • Organize files in Assets folder.
  • Automatic creation of placeholder compositions.
  • Default text in Text compositions.
  • Rename everything.
  • Custom number of placeholder compositions.

3. mControl

mControl is an automatic control generating tool for after effects. It is very useful to create one-click controls for your After Effect project or to create custom controls for some properties.

This script is compatible with After Effects CS4 and the above versions.

Available Controls

  • Slider Control
  • Angle Control
  • 2D Point Control
  • 3D Point Control
  • CheckBox Control

Special Controls

  • 2D Separate Control
  • 3D Separate Control

mControl is a very powerful tool as it can create separate controls for the X,Y, and Z properties of any layer. It works with Transformation as well as Effects proprieties.

4. Quick Subtitles

Quick Subtitles is an After Effects script that lets you automatically add and sync subtitles without creating hundreds of text layers manually.


  • Lets you add and sync subtitles to your videos
  • Ability to import SRT files
  • Super easy to use
  • Optimized for MAC and Windows OS
  • Ability to add animation to the subtitles
  • Compatible with Adobe After Effects CC 2017 and above

5. Find And Replace After Effects Script

This After Effects Script helps you to change layers names, effects names, and expressions in your project very quickly.

Input what you want to replace and select where you want to change it. That’s it!

You can easily copy your rigged layers or change the control layer or do whatever you want!

Find And Replace script can be used as a dockable palette or separate window.


  • Works with all languages
  • Works with big expressions, multiline expressions, part expressions
  • Works with selected layers, selected compositions, or for entire project
  • Can be used as a dockable panel or separate window
  • Easy to install and use

6. KeysBinder

KeysBinder is an After Effects script that lets you group together multiple keyframes and create a slider to control them. This results in a single slider that can be used to control complex animations.

It’s a great tool for saving time and optimizing your workflow.


  • Works in all language versions
  • Very simple to use
  • Works with any properties (positions, colors, masks, etc. with everything)
  • Can group as many keys as you want, and creates as many groups as you want. There is no limits
  • Creates a checkbox that can deactivate all effect of the script
  • The script doesn’t slow down projects. Performance is the same (almost) as before using the script
  • Video tutorial 31 minutes long is included. Explains every part of the script
  • One you bind keys, your project can work without KeysBinder.