Within the Scripts folder of your After Effects directory are two other folders called Startup and Shutdown. After Effects runs scripts in these folders automatically, in alphabetical order, on starting and quitting, respectively.

In the Startup folder you can place scripts that you wish to execute at startup of the application. They are executed after the application is initialized and all plug-ins are loaded.

Scripting shares a global environment, so any script executed at startup can define variables and functions that are available to all scripts. In all cases, variables and functions, once defined by running a script that contains them, persist in subsequent scripts during a given After Effects session.

Once the application is quit, all such globally defined variables and functions are cleared. Be sure to give variables in scripts unique names, so that a script does not inadvertently reassign global variables intended to persist throughout a session.

Running After Effects Scripts during Startup or Shutdown

The Shutdown folder scripts are executed as the application quits. This occurs after the project is closed but before any other application shutdown occurs.


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