A new addition in our After Effects Templates, Godzilla Movie Titles can be used to create a Splash Screen or Intro video like the one seen in Godzilla 2014 Trailer and Movie.

The Movie is a reboot of Godzilla Film Franchise released on 16th may 2014. It offers you the gigantic Monster Godzilla (Gojira) which is indeed a terrifying force of nature in the heart of New York City.

The movie did well in theater’s and audiences are amazed by its Sound Effects as well as Visual Effects. This 32nd Godzilla Franchise also known as Godzilla 2 is released almost after 16 years when in 1998, Godzilla 1 was shown in theater’s.

Check out Godzilla Movie After Effects Template Promo below.

Watch this Video on YouTube

The Template is easy to customize and all you have to do is modify the Text Layer to change the text.


Godzilla Movie After Effects Template Overview

The Project File contains four compositions-

  1. Main Comp: In this composition, all the layers are composited and it also includes the text layer which needs to be edited.
    godzilla movie after effects template1
  2. Background Smoke Comp: This composition contains the pre-rendered background smoke video.
    godzilla movie after effects template2
  3. Black Bars Comp: This composition contains the Top and Bottom Black Bars to give the template a more cinematic look. You can disable this layer if you don’t want the Bars to appear.
    godzilla movie after effects template3
  4. Final Comp: Render This Comp: This is the final composition which needs to be rendered after editing the text. It contains the camera animation.
    godzilla movie after effects template4

Contents Included in the Package

godzilla movie after effects template5

Godzilla Movie After Effects Template package includes a Project File, Fonts, Pre-Rendered Video and a Sample Render.

The Pre-Rendered video is the Rendered Background Smoke Video. Sample Render is the actual render of the project file.

To install the Font, Copy the font file and paste it inside C: > Windows > Fonts.

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