Hollywood Movies Titles and credits are so cool and here at Editingcorp.com, We always try to re-create such titles and end credits in After Effects and make those templates or project files available for artists to download.

Recently We created 3 After Effects Templates that can be downloaded for free and you can use them to re-create title sequences from 3 famous Hollywood movies.

Godzilla 2014 Titles

Released on May 16th, 2014. The movie offers a title sequence which can seen in the official trailer of Godzilla 2014. With this After Effects Template, you can re-create that same title sequence on your own computer.

The Template is easy to customize and all you have to do is modify the Text Layer to change the text.


Matrix End Credits

This Free After Effects Template allows you to re-create the end credits of the Famous Hollywood Blockbuster ‘The Matrix‘. The template offers you 25 title slides that can be customized very easily. This template was created using After Effects and a bit of C++ and Open GL. We used the programming languages to create the raining codes.


Marvel Opening Screen

We all love Marvel’s superhero movies and thus, how can we forget the amazing Marvel Opening Screen which we see in every Marvel Movie. This template was created as a test and later it was available for download. Though the project file is highly complicated, you can still customize it a bit, like modifying the text and changing the background flipping images.

The Download page has all the necessary instructions for you to follow and modify this After Effects Template.


Though these template are created by Editing Corp., but the titles are registered properties of their respective owners, Editing Corp. wants you to use these templates for learning and testing purpose only. Please do no use it for commercial purposes.


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