12 After Effects animated icon packs for all kinds of video projects including Health, Technology, Corporate, Social Media, Travel, and more.

Icons play a crucial role in graphic design. They are the graphical representation of symbols to represent virtual or even real-world elements.

However, in Motion Graphics designing, Animated Icons are used in place of static icon images.

With necessary animation skills, you can create your own set of Animated Icons.

They look cool and can take your video projects to the next level.

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But if you aren’t into animation or simply lack time to start creating things from scratch, then try using Animated Icon Packs for After Effects.

They are pre-made Animated Icons that can be customized in terms of colors, scale, as well as animation.

A wide variety of Animated Icons are available for all kinds of video projects including Health, Technology, Corporate, Social Media, Travel, Food, and more.

There is a wide category of Animation Icons available for every need such as Health, Technology, Corporate as well as Social Media.

Videohive.net is a leading online marketplace for downloading Animated Icons packs at affordable prices.

You can get over 300 Animated Icons in a single package.

Take a look at 2020’s best selling animated icon packs for After Effects to visually enhance your video projects.

1. 555 Animated Icons

This Animated Icon pack contains 555 animated Icons from various categories like Food, Health, Corporate, Gadgets, Technology, etc.

Each icon has its own custom build up animation that loops indefinitely.

All icons include sound effects as well.

Compatible with After Effects CS5.5 and above.

2. 1000+ Animated Icons

Amazing library of 1000+ Animated Icons from over 50 categories.

These set of icons are vector based. Just drag-and-drop in your project.

Detailed video tutorial, catalog, and sound effects are also included.

It is compatible with After Effects CS3 and all above versions.

3. 436 Modern Icons

This Icons Pack contains 436 animated icons from different categories like Business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Medical, Technology, and some other general items.

These icons are 100% vector files, that means you can scale them to any possible size.

Compatible with After Effects CC 2014 and above.

4. 2000 Flat Animated Icons

Considered as the most valuable After Effects template for animated icons, this project offers 1500+ flat animated icons from 50 categories.

It also includes 300+ other design concepts such as backgrounds, icon words, animated hands, animated cities, and animated texts.

With almost 3000 customers, this animated icons pack is a 5 star rated product.

Compatible with After Effects CS6 and above.

5. 3D Animated Icons Library

This After Effects template features 110+ 3D animated icons.

These icons are not pre-rendered elements. They are fully customizable through color controllers, bevel and extrusion depth, lighting, and much more.

The fonts used in the template are free and included in the project file.

Compatible with After Effects CC and all above versions.

6. 100 Covid-19 Coronavirus Animated Icons

This After Effects template offers 100 Coronavirus Animated Icons to spread awareness and educate people on how to stay safe.

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The pack also contains 100 illustrated icons for Adobe Illustrator.

It is compatible with After Effects CC and all above versions.

7. 3D Animated Icons Toolkit

3D Stories in simply the best solution for 3D customizable and animated icons on the market.

There are more than 200 elements in the project.

Very easy to use for beginners as it doesn’t need any third party plugin.

Compatible with After Effects CS6 and all above versions.

8. Online Course Icons

This pack is a collection of dynamically animated icons from categories related to online courses and education.

The icons are professionally animated and easy to use.

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Online course Animated icons pack is compatible with After Effects CC and above.

9. 2300 Animated Icons Pack

The pack contains 2300+ animated icons from 51 different categories.

It is perfect for explainer videos, corporate videos, infographics, advertisements, short films, and more.

Future updates and new icons will be free when you purchase this After Effects template.

Compatible with After Effects CS4 and above.

10. Ballicons Vol. 1

This pack is one of the best selling Animated Icons template in the market.

Includes 100 icons from various categories and are 100% resizable and ability to change colors as desired.

Compatible with After Effects CS5 and above.

11. 100 Animated Business Icons

This After Effects template features a great collection of animated business icons for presentations and corporate videos.

Very to use, re-sizable, and no third-party plugins are required.

Compatible with After Effects CS6 and above.

12. 21 Animated Weather Icons

A set of 21 animated weather and climate icons. Each icon has 4 variations, thus making a total of 81 icons.

Along with customizable templates, the project contains rendered AVI and GIF files for quick use.

Compatible with After Effects CS4 and above.

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