Every time  I watch a Marvel Movie, I get fascinated with the Marvel Opening screen, the flipping of the Comic Pages along with that sound is just a killer combination.

Earlier, while going through the stats of my website, I found out a keyword, Marvel’s Title After Effects Template as someone might be searching for the template.

So, I decided to re-create the Marvel opening sequence or titles in After Effects and make it usable for others as an After Effects Template because this is what I do. The Flip book effect was created by using several images, animated using position key frames along with Motion Blur.

Marvel Opening Screen Promo

Watch on YouTube

Since the template is too complicated to work with, things you can change very easily are the text and images. There are more than one text layer in the composition and changing one will affect all of them. The Images can be changed by replacing the image files. I will cover the entire modification process in a tutorial when the Template is available on Editing Corp.


The Template is now available and you can download it from Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

marvel after effects template

marvel after effects template

marvel after effects template


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