The stock video footage market is booming. The new players joining the industry have led to a wealth of choices for film and video makers to consider.

We are going through something of a content-rich revolution, where individuals and small players in the film and video market are now able to make effective and high-value productions for a fraction of previously associated costs.

Whether you are a budding filmmaker, a low-budget TV production house, an advertising firm, or an individual trying to make a splash on your social media account, you’ll want to put together a professional-looking project.

Sometimes, it’s next to impossible, or not financially viable, to shoot elements that fit your creative vision. Perhaps you are not based in the European city where your script is set, or you need a top-quality establishing shot to start your pilot, or maybe you just need generic footage that works well for an advert you are making for a client.

Stock footage has many uses, and there are now more options than ever when it comes to finding a company to fit your needs and budget.

What is Stock Footage?

Stock footage is additional film footage that filmmakers and editors use to complement their own productions. This could come in the form of small clips and scenes or longer-form material. 

The footage is then ordered into categories within databases, either by genre or film type. These could involve various sub-sections, from weather phenomena (thunderstorms) to the scenery (mountain ranges) or specific cityscapes, and those related to film genres, such as horror or action. 

Each provider elects to sort these in a format they feel will be of best use to their subscribers.

Often, the reasons for filmmakers to use stock footage come down to time and money, with top providers offering large databases full of top-quality content for users to sort through to find just what they are looking for.

What Artgrid Does Well

Any basic level of research will attest to just how highly regarded Artgrid is in the royalty-free stock footage market. They pretty much tick all the boxes when it comes to a brand that meets the very high expectations that have been set.

Often stock footage can look amateurish both in terms of its production values and the creativity behind its ideas.

Artgrid is way ahead of the competitors in this field. This is mainly because they rely upon real filmmakers to shoot, storyboard, and produce stock footage that is superior to others who might be considered rivals in the market.

You’d think this might mean the costs associated with subscription would be sky-high as a result; thankfully, we can report that’s not the case.

The different price tariffs are all competitive, and they nicely split the product into three levels; Junior, Creator, and Pro, all of which are very much geared to specific customer types.

Then if you add into the mix an unlimited license, which even gives you the rights to videos you’ve downloaded if you wish to not renew your subscription, and you have a service that is second to none.

As well as these factors, we are happy to report that their interface is so intuitive that even a complete novice will find their way happily through the maze of options and footage types with relative ease.

A Groundbreaking Approach To An Age-Old Problem

The need for stock footage, especially very high-quality video, will only grow.

Artgrid has placed itself at the head of the queue when it comes to servicing the needs of all the different types of users they continues to lure.

Filmmaking, on any scale, has always had age-old concerns when it comes to meeting budgets and expectations.

There’s always been a desire, usually from those who finance creative efforts, to keep costs down. That has led to a pretty much-unresolved battle between those holding the purse and those with the artistic vision.

At its core, stock footage has been an option to please all parties, but up until recent years, it’s certainly favored those looking to pay less on production shoots.

These days, especially with leading purveyors of the industry such as Artgrid, creativity is also being provided. 

Artgrid doesn’t skimp on costs when it comes to the quality and size of its stock footage portfolio, and that’s why they are beyond compare in the current climate.