MotionElements, well-known for its extensive collections of royalty-free images, video clips, and other media, is excited to share its newest “Landscapes of Asia” collection.  “Landscapes of Asia” provides video makers, designers, and artists with stunning, HD quality stock video footage at incredibly affordable prices.  Not only are the prices reasonable, with fees starting at $25.00 (USD), but the royalty-free payment structure means clients only pay once, and can use the clip however they’d like, forever.

This collection is a boon to clients who want a simple solution for gaining access to affordable clips that would be prohibitively difficult to create on their own.  Beautiful, mysterious, and exotic stock footage, like the time lapse of the mist swirling around Huayan Peak would require flying across the globe and scaling mountains.

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Quintessentially Asian footage dominates the collection, which includes every type of natural landscape in Asia: tropical Thai beaches, hidden grottos graced by waterfalls, rice fields in Sri Lanka, the gently waving boughs of blossom-laden Japanese cherry trees, and so much more.

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These unique and varied scenes are inspiring and evocative, bringing the magic and mystery of Asia’s many alluring landscapes to MotionElements’ clients in the most convenient, accessible way possible.  Incredible shots that can’t be found elsewhere—the sun setting over the remote Baltistan region in Pakistan, for example—delight the eye and entice the imagination.

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Each scene is available in beautifully rendered HD, transporting the viewer, immersing them and transporting them to faraway places.  Enjoy the peaceful experience of Japan’s Oirase mountain stream winding its way through snow-covered winter woods, without booking a flight across the Pacific.

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The Landscapes of Asia collection is the first installment in a special series of Asian collections from MotionElements.  So far, four collections have been planned: Landscapes of Asia, People of Asia Wildlife of Asia, and Cities of Asia.  Together, the collections will represent one of the largest and highest quality collections of royalty-free Asian images and video footage available anywhere.

Each one of these extraordinary collections will give clients the unique opportunity to purchase incredible royalty-free stock footage that captures the exquisite and exotic essence of Asia for a simple, affordable, one-time fee.  Adding a stunning Asian element to any video project just became effortless—all it requires is a quick visit to


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