Getting the correct White Balance is very important if you want your video to look perfect. With proper White Balance settings, your shots looks more vivid, real and cinematic.

As a professional Film Maker or a Cinematographer, one must double check the White Balance settings of the camera before recording anything. The most common method of getting correct White Balance is by using a White sheet of paper or a White balance card to tell your camera that what colors are exactly white. Place a white sheet of paper in front of your camera and adjust the White Balance value until you get a clear white image of that paper on your camera LCD.

But sometimes, you may be in a situation where colors are completely blown away, maybe due to incorrect white balance. In such cases, you can use this very simple method of Correcting White Balance of your footage using Adobe After Effects plugin known as Color Finesse. This color correction tool is shipped with every copy of After Effects.

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Auto Correct White Balance using Color Finesse

This color correction tools offers various color correction and color grading controls which are divided into Simplified interface and Full interface. The Simplified interface offers you few important settings like, Hue controls, Highlights, Mid tones, Shadow controls, curves adjustments etc. While, the Full Interface has tons of options including individual color control settings, Levels, RGB settings etc.

white balance color finesse interface

You can use these tool to manually correct White Balance of your footage but with the automated process, you can get the results in just a click. Lets take a look at the process of Auto Correcting White Balance using the Color Finesse Color Correction tool.

  1. Once you have your composition in place and footage in timeline, select the footage layer and go into Effects > Synthetic Aperture > Color Finesse.
    white balance color finesse 1
  2. Once you apply this effect on your layer, click on the full interface button. It will take few seconds to load.
    white balance color finesse full interface
  3. After the full interface is loaded, Switch to Luma Range button from Result to see what part of your footage is White, Gray and Black. Make a note of the white areas and click on the Result button to see the actual footage again.
    white balance color finesse luma range
  4. Now, go into curves, select RGB and click on the ‘Choose White Point‘ color picker icon.
    white balance color finesse curves
  5. Now click on the white area of your footage, this will automatically adjust the required RGB curves to auto correct the white balance. You can notice the changes instantly.
    color finesse

Also, notice the changes in RGB curves after you apply the Auto White Balance on your footage.

color finesse curves white balance

Generally, we only use the White color picker to select white color from our footage but you can also use the Grey and Black color pickers to select the Grey and the Black areas of your footage respectively.

Once you are done with correcting the White Balance, click on the OK button at the bottom of Color Finesse interface to apply the changes in your After Effects Composition.


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