A Simple Trick To Avoid Failing Render in After Effects and keep your pipeline from getting clogged. Use this trick to enable a secret feature in AE.

Sometimes, while rendering a complicated or over loaded project in After Effects, the pipeline gets clogged and renders fail before hitting the 100% mark. This happens when your cache memory goes full. To avoid this, After Effects has a secret feature which needs to be activated.

It helps in emptying the cache memory after certain number of frames, depends on whatever you set it to. Though this can slow down your renders especially time based effects like time remapping or echo, but this will keep your pipes from getting clogged if you have a render that just does not want to finish.

Trick To Avoid Failing Render

Before your begin your next render, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down SHIFT on your keyboard, while SHIFT still being held, go to EDIT > PREFERENCES > GENERAL (or any other settings under preferences).
  2. This will open After Effects preferences, at the very bottom of the list, you will find a new setting named as SECRET. This is the hidden feature we just activated using the SHIFT button trick.
  3. Click on SECRET and enable DISABLE LAYER CACHE.
  4. Set the number of frames after which you want to purge or empty the cache while rendering.
  6. Click on OK to save the settings.

Trick To Avoid Failing Render in After Effects

Next time when you render your project, After Effects will automatically empty the cache memory after certain number of frames, depends on whatever you set it to.

Use this feature only for intense rendering and make sure you turn it off when you are finished with it. It seriously slows things down and is not needed for everyday run.

To disable this Purge Cache feature, Again hold down SHIFT and go into EDIT > PREFERENCES > GENERAL. Now from the preferences list, go into SECRET and uncheck DISABLE LAYER CACHE. Click on OK to disable the feature.

Avoid Failing Render – Video Guide

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