As a web designer, you might have come across a number of problems when managing your projects.

  1. What’s left to do on this project?
  2. Did I cover all the necessary tasks?
  3. Is the client being completed updated with the progress?

And while we try to keep up with the situation of running multiple projects simultaneously, if we don’t keep careful track of each of them, we tend to start falling behind, with unhappy clients being the best case scenario.

In a worst-case scenario, our clients could pull out of the project, leaving us, unpaid, frustrated, and in a very bad financial situation.

No client and no money.

We are thus, of the opinion, that a project management software is essential for successfully managing projects.

But most web design project management software products have their own problems.

First of all, many of them are too generic in nature – not catering for the specific needs of web designers and digital marketers.

And the biggest of problem of all.

Managing the project management software is usually not worth the effort.

For example, let’s take the specific case of creating a WordPress website.

There are hundreds of little tasks which one needs to perform.

But creating all of those tasks every time a new project is won, is a super-hassle.

BeeWits – a new project management service for web design freelancers and digital marketing agencies was born to change all of this.

It comes with the basic idea of using task templates to manage projects.

Essentially, if a user would like to create a project, rather than having to create all of the project tasks from scratch, it’s actually possible to start from a set of existing task templates for various jobs a web designer will need to do.


This gives you, the web design project manager, a significant advantage over other project management services.

You can even design and create your own task templates, such that projects can actually follow your own specific processes and checklists.

1. Your Projects Are Organized In Minutes

Setting up a web design project, with hundreds of tasks, would take a significant chunk of time.

That’s beside the fact that you’re also likely to forget some tasks, which defeats the purpose of having a project management service in the first place.

If you want to define your own task templates, or customize the existing tasks, you can do so too, in the “Custom template” as can be seen below.


2. You Always Know What’s Next

Given that you’ve put all of your tasks on the project, thanks to the task templates, you don’t have to worry that you might have left something out.

You know that the project is now simply a matter of following the checklists provided by the task templates.


3. Never Misplace Any Assets Or Tasks With A Single Point of Reference

Given that all of your team is now referencing BeeWits, you don’t have to worry about tasks being scattered all over the place as happens when there is no management in place.

Some people use Excel, or Google Sheets, email lists, Word files on shared folders.

As the number of people on the team increases, the situation becomes even more and more hectic.

BeeWits keeps everything organized in a single place.

Content, tasks, files, imagery and other assets. You can keep everything in once place.

Even your chat history on a task, it’s excellent to remember the reasons why certain things were done the way they are.

4. Give Client Access To The Tasks You Want To Show Them (ONLY)

Most clients want to be updated with the progress that is happening on a project.

And of course, you’d rather they know what’s happening, so they don’t have to keep coming back to you.

So ideally, they get access to the project.

But of course, there are a lot of tasks you don’t want to share with the client.

BeeWits has also thought of this. Using the client functionality, you can only show the tasks or items which are marked as Public to the client.


What Does BeeWits Cost?

This is the kicker here.

Most project management services are priced per user. The more users you add to your account, the more expensive the service gets.

BeeWits believes that this is not a fair pricing model.

So they price their service by account and the number of projects you store. Have a look at the pricing below.

Beewits pricing

We think this is as fair as it can get. If you are still starting out as a web designer, you can start with the very fair $19.99/month plan.

Freelancers and larger companies who need to make extensive use of the service can also pay a fixed price per month (irrespective of the users), with plans at $29.99/month, $39.99/month, and $49.99/month.

Visit BeeWits official pricing page.

What Else Does BeeWits Have To Offer?

BeeWits has caused a lot of ripples in the web design industry by providing a bunch of useful tools for web designers – completely for free!

They started off, with the Web Design Quotation Generator – which is essentially a free tool, which allows you to quickly send a professional quote for web design or other freelance work.

Following the very successful launch of this, where they were featured by the likes of Co.Drops in their web design and development collective and CreativeBloq.

Even more successful than the quote generator was the Hourly Rate calculator – which essentially allow freelancer to decide what hourly rate they should charge based on their expected income and expenses.

It was featured on websites such as CreativeBloq, LifeHacker, Fast.Co-Design, and DesignTaxi.

We found these tools very useful for our web design projects, we’re sure you’ll find them essential for your projects too!