With Adobe Illustrator Mandala Creator add-ons, you can save time and add unique mandala effects to all your design projects.

The patterns and symbols in the listed Mandala Creators are unique. You can combine several of them to create endless mandala designs.

Adobe Illustrator Mandala Creator add-ons can be used to create illustrations that work great for coloring books, logos, posters, tattoo designs, and more. They are all compatible with the latest version of Adobe Illustrator.

Moreover, with the commercial and extended commercial license, you can sell or distribute the end product without ever worrying about copyright infringement.

1. ZenPattern Mandala Creator

ZenPattern Mandala Creator is an add-on for Adobe Illustrator that allows you to quickly create intricate mandala illustrations. In this package, you’ll get more than 210 unique mandala patterns that work great for logos, posters, tattoo designs, and more. You can use this pack along with other mandala creator add-ons to create endless mandala designs.

2. Rainforest Mandala Creator

Rainforest Mandala Creator add-on includes 345+ tropical vector shapes and 30+ vine/stem brushes. Using these Adobe Illustrator elements along with the included templates and actions, you can create detailed mandalas, wreaths, bouquets, and much more.

3. Ocean Life Mandala Creator

Ocean Life Mandala Creator is an addon for Adobe Illustrator that allows you to rapidly create intricate ocean-themed line illustrations ideal for coloring books and more. Over 200 Ocean-themed vector shapes are included in this Mandala Creator add-on for Adobe Illustrator with templates, actions, and a professional, concise tutorial video.

4. Tribal Mandala Creator

This Mandala Creator add-on includes 100 tribal theme patterns along with action scripts that allow you to rapidly create unique tribal mandalas. You can mix, overlap, rotate, and multiply these patterns to create unlimited design variations and combinations.

5. Autumn Harvest Mandala Creator

Autumn Harvest Mandala Creator includes 330+ fall-themed elements to create detailed mandalas, bouquets, and other illustrations in just a few minutes. This add-on is ideal for creating coloring books, logo designs, and print designs like wedding invitations and greeting cards.

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