DaVinci Resolve is a favorite tool among video editors for its powerful color grading capabilities. But to truly unlock your video’s potential, you need the right Color Grading LUT Packs.

We’ve handpicked the 15 best DaVinci Resolve Color Grading LUT Packs from Envato Elements, ensuring your projects shine with professional-quality colors. Whether you’re editing a dreamy wedding video, a dynamic travel vlog, or a compelling documentary, these LUT packs offer a wide range of colors and moods to match your vision.

And the best part? By subscribing to Envato Elements, you gain access to these incredible packs and countless other resources to enhance your projects.

1. Cinematic LUTs Collection


This pack transforms your videos into movie-like scenes with just one click. It’s perfect for filmmakers and video enthusiasts looking to add drama and depth to their footage. The colors are rich and deep, making your work stand out. It’s easy to use, even if you’re new to color grading. Make your videos look like they belong on the big screen with this collection.

2. Elegant Wedding LUTs


Make wedding videos unforgettable with these beautiful LUTs. They bring out the best in every moment, from the soft glow of the morning to the vibrant celebrations at night. These LUTs add a touch of elegance and romance, perfect for capturing the magic of a wedding day. They’re easy to apply, ensuring your videos look stunning with minimal effort.

3. Fitness LUTs Pack


Energize your fitness videos with this LUTs pack. It’s designed to highlight the intensity and dedication in every workout, making colors pop and giving your footage a bold, motivational feel. Whether you’re showcasing gym sessions, outdoor activities, or yoga practices, these LUTs bring out the vibrancy and energy of fitness perfectly.

4. 20 Drone City LUTs


Elevate your aerial city footage with these specialized LUTs. They’re crafted to enhance the urban landscape, bringing clarity and depth to the bustling streets, towering skyscrapers, and glowing night scenes. These LUTs make it easy to capture the essence of city life from above, adding a professional touch to your drone videos.

5. Travel Adventure LUTs


Bring your travel videos to life with these adventurous LUTs. They’re perfect for highlighting the beauty and excitement of new places, from tropical beaches to mountain peaks. These LUTs add warmth, vibrancy, and a sense of adventure to your footage, making each journey unforgettable. Easy to use, they’re a must-have for every traveler.

6. Vintage Color LUTs


Give your videos a classic look with these vintage LUTs. They recreate the timeless feel of old film, adding warmth and nostalgia to your footage. These LUTs are perfect for anyone looking to give their videos a retro touch, making them stand out with a unique style. They’re simple to apply, instantly transforming your modern footage into classic masterpieces.

7. Romance LUTs


Enhance the romantic moments in your videos with these lovely LUTs. They add a soft, dreamy quality to your footage, perfect for capturing love stories, engagements, and intimate moments. These LUTs bring out the warmth and emotion in every scene, making your videos feel like a heartfelt love letter. Easy to use, they’re ideal for adding a touch of romance.

8. River LUTs


Capture the beauty of water scenes with these river-themed LUTs. They’re designed to enhance the natural colors of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, bringing clarity and life to your footage. Whether you’re filming serene streams or powerful rapids, these LUTs add a refreshing touch to your water videos. They’re easy to apply, making your aquatic scenes more vibrant and captivating.

9. Hollywood LUTs


Make your videos look like they were shot in Hollywood with these professional LUTs. They’re inspired by the color grading of blockbuster movies, adding a cinematic quality to your footage. With a variety of styles to choose from, these LUTs give your videos a dramatic, polished look. They’re easy to use and perfect for aspiring filmmakers and video creators.

10. Winter LUTs


Transform your winter scenes with these magical LUTs. They’re designed to enhance the beauty of snowy landscapes, icy details, and cozy indoor moments. These LUTs add brightness and contrast to your winter footage, making the cold season look more inviting and enchanting. Easy to apply, they’re perfect for capturing the wonder of winter.

11. Film Aesthetic LUTs


Bring the classic look of the film to your videos with the Film Aesthetic LUTs pack. Perfect for those wanting to add a timeless feel to their footage, this pack includes a variety of color-grading options that mimic the warmth and depth of the film. Easy to use, these LUTs work with all types of footage, making your videos stand out with a professional, cinematic touch.

12. Dark Moody LUTs


Transform your videos into captivating stories with the Dark Moody LUTs pack. Designed for creators who love to add drama and intensity to their work, these LUTs offer deep shadows, rich colors, and an overall moody atmosphere. Ideal for short films, music videos, or any project that needs a touch of mystery and emotion.

13. 35 Urban Cinematic LUTs


Elevate your urban footage with the 35 Urban Cinematic LUTs pack. From gritty street scenes to the bright lights of the city, these LUTs are crafted to enhance the dynamic and diverse aspects of urban environments. With a wide range of color grades, you can easily give your videos a polished, cinematic look that captures the essence of city life.

14. Wildlife Moody LUTs


Capture the beauty and majesty of nature with the Wildlife Moody LUTs pack. These LUTs are specifically designed to enhance outdoor and wildlife footage, offering a range of color grades that bring out the vibrant colors and intricate details of animals and their habitats. Whether you’re shooting in the wild or at your local park, these LUTs will make your nature videos more vivid and engaging.

15. Travel Blogger LUTs


Share your adventures in stunning quality with the Travel Blogger LUTs pack. Tailored for travel vloggers and content creators, these LUTs provide a variety of vibrant, eye-catching color grades that make your travel footage pop. From exotic beaches to bustling cityscapes, these LUTs will help you tell your travel stories in the most visually appealing way.

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