Customize and animate your audio tracks for an immersive audio-visual experience with the 10 best Premiere Pro Audio Visualizer Templates.

Premiere Pro Audio Visualizer Templates allow you to create a visual representation of any audio. It works by syncing the visuals with the sound waves, beats, or frequencies of the audio track.

Such Premiere Pro templates feature various visual elements like waveforms, bars, particles, and other shapes that animate in sync with the audio. You can easily adjust the intensity, timing, and responsiveness of the visualizer along with other settings like color, shape, and size.

Using Premiere Pro Audio Visualizer templates will help you save time and effort as they eliminate the need to create the visualizer from scratch.

The listed templates are created by professional motion designers at Envato. They offer high-quality graphics and animations, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect visual representation for your audio.

With Envato Elements, you get unlimited access to thousands of templates, and you can download as many as you want for a flat monthly fee of just $16.50.

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Each Audio Visualizer Premiere Pro template has been carefully selected based on its quality, versatility, and ease of use. We understand that as a creative professional, you value both aesthetics and functionality, and these templates offer the best of both worlds.

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1. 25 Audio Visualizers Pack

This multi-template features 25 professionally designed audio visualizers in 4 different resolutions. The visualizers come with media placeholders for your images and videos, text placeholders for inserting custom text, and 22 streaming service badges. The template is regularly updated with new Audio Visualizers to keep it new and fresh.

2. Audio Visualization Overlays

This Premiere Pro template features 5 beautiful animated lower thirds with audio visualizers that can be synced with the background music. It is an ideal project for music videos and podcasts. You can easily customize the color, scale, and intensity of the animated waveforms quickly and easily.

3. 10-In-1 Music Visualizer

This Premiere Pro Audio Visualizer template includes 10 unique visualizers with captivating visuals that syncs perfectly with any background music or audio track. The project includes MOGRT files that you can use and customize directly inside Premiere Pro.

4. Podcast Audio Visualizations Pack

Enhance your podcast with the Podcast Audio Visualizations Pack for Premiere Pro. This versatile template offers 25 stunning audio visualizations to captivate your audience. With three different resolutions, easy customization, and editable colors, it’s a breeze to create a personalized and professional look. Plus, no plugins are needed, and everything is well-organized for a seamless editing experience.

5. Music Players With Lyrics Titles

Elevate any song with this incredible Premiere Pro template that offers 5 impressive music players with audio visualizers and built-in lyrics. Easily customize the background and effortlessly create engaging karaoke videos in seconds.

6. Audio Visual Kit

This toolkit is an all-in-one audio-visual kit featuring a collection of more than 650 animated video templates from 12 different categories for all kinds of multimedia projects. With this product, you can easily create animated lyrics, audio visualizers that animate in sync with any music track, and much more. The template is powered by the Easy Edit plugin that lets you effortlessly customize the elements.

7. Podcast Visualizations

Enhance your podcasts with the Podcast Visualizations Pack for Premiere Pro. It offers 25+ unique designs, making it easy to use – simply add your photos, videos, and music to get a wonderful video. With a wide variety of colors and styles, you can create the perfect visualization for your music. The template’s flexibility allows you to customize and create your own unique look. Use “Podcast Visualizations” to effortlessly create audio and podcast visualizations for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Level up your content with this versatile pack!

8. Audio Meter Christmas Wishes

Audio Meter Christmas Wishes is a festive project featuring an audio visualizer and equalizer for the Christmas and Holiday seasons. Ideal for Christmas presentations, home videos, albums, and holiday events. The easy-to-edit MOGRT comes with 2 text placeholders and requires no plugins.

9. Podcast Audio Visualization

Introducing a dynamic Premiere Pro audio visualizer template featuring 15 text placeholders and 5 photo/video placeholders. Easily customize colors and other settings to suit your preferences. It serves as a perfect opener for your upcoming podcast, radio talk show, and various other projects. No plugins are necessary, making it hassle-free to use.

10. 3-In-1 Audio Visualizer

This Premiere Pro audio visualizer template feature 3 unique visualizers for multiple screen resolutions that sync perfectly with any background music. The template is fully customizable, which means, you can edit the text, images, colors, etc.