Display essential information on your videos in style with this list of the 10 best Premiere Pro Lower Thirds Templates of 2024.

Lower Thirds are graphic overlays that typically occupy the title-safe lower area of the screen. They provide essential information about the scene, the names & information of the people on screen, and much more.

With the introduction of MOGRT (Motion Graphics Templates), Premiere Pro users can access a wide variety of Lower Thirds Templates. From minimalist and elegant designs to bold and dynamic options, these templates offer a wide range of styles to suit various genres and creative preferences.

These Premiere Pro Lower Thirds Templates are created by professional motion designers and with just a few simple clicks, you can customize them directly inside Premiere Pro with your own text, colors, and branding.

Envato Elements has a massive library of Lower Thirds Templates for Premiere Pro and based on the user reviews and ratings, we have come up with a list of the 10 best Premiere Pro Lower Thirds templates.

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1. Premium Lower Thirds


Premium Lower Thirds is a collection of 12 high-quality lower thirds for Adobe Premiere Pro with both in and out animations. It is available in various resolutions in horizontal and vertical aspect ratios. The template is super easy to customize with the help of color and duration controls.

2. Clean Minimal Lower Thirds


This Premiere Pro Lower Thirds template features 49 clean and minimal lower thirds for all kinds of video projects. The lower thirds in the project are well-organized and easy to edit with various control panels.

3. Redacted Lower Thirds


Redacted is a set of 6 fully customizable lower thirds, panel elements, and title graphics. It is perfect for a variety of different video projects. Redacted Lower Thirds & Titles does not require any 3rd party plugins and can be customized in just a few easy steps.

4. 100 Lower Thirds


This template features 100 fully customizable and unique lower thirds for Adobe Premiere Pro. You can easily change the text and font settings, colors, and animation in and out duration. The templates also include preview files for quickly browsing the lower thirds before importing them into the timeline.

5. Simple Lower Thirds V5


This template offers 21 unique original Lower Thirds and Titles. The project file is well organized and easy to customize with color controllers. It doesn’t require any third-party plugins as well.

6. Minimalism Lower Thirds


This project includes minimalistic style Lower Thirds in various resolutions. You can easily customize them by changing text, colors, and scale.

7. Social Media Lower Thirds


This is a great Premiere Pro template to share your social media profiles as Lower Thirds in your videos. There are 70 social media Lower Thirds in this project. You can easily add text, social media icons, and logos, and change colors without using any third-party plugins.

8. Neon Lower Thirds


This Adobe Premiere Pro template includes 9 unique neon-style Lower Thirds to jazz up your visuals. The template is easily customizable with options to change neon color and glow intensity.

9. Clean Lower Thirds


Clean Lower Thirds is a collection of 22 high-quality dynamically animated Lower Thirds in 4K resolution. You can edit and use the lower thirds directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro. With the help of duration controllers, you can easily adjust the in-and-out animation of the lower thirds for seamless integration.

10. Big Lower Thirds & Titles


Big Lower Thirds & Titles is a Premiere Pro template that gives you the ability to insert informational text and titles in your videos at a click of a button. It features a collection of big and bold lower thirds as well as titles that can be easily customized with the help of Premiere Pro Essential Graphics panel.

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