There are actually no Best Rendering Settings in After Effects, instead it all depends on the type of video you are working on as well as the purpose of creating a video. When you are producing a video for projecting or a television playback, the render settings will be completely different than the one you are creating for online streaming on YouTube or Vimeo.

As the title says ‘What are the Best Rendering Settings in After Effects‘, this post is only meant to answer the question instead of discussing all the formats available in render settings of After Effects. It is literally impossible to discuss the best settings since it all depends on video files and the output you want.

Basically, there are 3 most widely and frequently used formats in After Effects – AVI, QUICKTIME, and H.264. While AVI and QUICKTIME will result in huge GB’s of files and eat up your disk space, H.264 is used for streaming and uploading.

A final render can be in H.264 as it is easy to upload and will also play on multiple devices. AVI and QUICKTIME preserves the quality and the output can be used for further use in other software.

Before rendering, know the purpose of your project and choose the render settings accordingly.

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