Your favorite projects are only a button click away with BOOKMARKER as It lets you bookmark After Effects projects for quick access.

As someone who is not very good at keeping things organized, I always end up wasting countless hours digging my entire pile of After Effects projects just to find the one I was working on a week ago.

To solve this, I started saving a copy of my most frequently used After Effects projects in a separate folder. It was like a bookmarking system I created for myself.

However, the idea of having a Bookmark feature built inside of After Effects sounds a lot better. To my rescue, Tomas Sinkunas came up with BOOKMARKER.

BOOKMARKER is an After Effects plugin that lets you bookmark After Effects projects for easy and quick access to your most visited projects.

Open any After Effects project, save it as a bookmark, and you are done. Next time you can open that project from the BOOKMARKER panel.

BOOKMARKER After Effects plugin is available through aescripts + aeplugins right now for a price of $19.99.

How To Install Bookmarker

To install the plugin:

Unpack the archive you have downloaded. Then copy and paste the files
(both “Bookmarker.jsx” and “Bookmarker Help.pdf”) to “ScriptUI Panels” folder:

Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects \Support

Mac OS: Applications/Adobe After Effects /Scripts

If folder ScriptUI Panels does not exist, create a folder and name it “ScriptUI
Panels”. Then paste the copied files into it.

Allow the script to access the network to avoid unnecessary problems while loading
GUI. This option is under the General tab of the After Effects Preference pane:

Windows: Edit > Preferences > General
Mac: After Effects > Preferences > General

Once installation is finished run the script in After Effects by clicking Window >

Bookmarker After Effects Plugin Interface

BOOKMARKER After Effects plugin comes with a compact interface to bookmark After Effects projects. When you run the plugin, you’ll be presented with a dockable panel.

The panel has 10 clickable buttons and each one performs a certain task:

  1. Open Project – Open After Effects project that links to selected bookmarks.
  2. Import Project – Import the After Effects project to the current project.
  3. Save Bookmark – Bookmark currently opened After Effects project.
  4. Edit or Replace Bookmark – Link bookmark to currently opened project, rename bookmark, replace preview image, edit comments.
  5. Move Bookmark UP – Move the selected bookmark up in the list.
  6. Move Bookmark DOWN – Move the selected bookmark down the list.
  7. Delete Bookmark – Removes selected bookmark from the list.
  8. Reveal In Finder – Open the folder containing the After Effects project that the bookmark is linked to.
  9. Bookmark External Files – Save multiple After Effects files as bookmarks.
  10. Settings – Opens user preferences.


BOOKMARKER After Effects plugin is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3 and all the above versions.