What is Element 3D?

Videocopilot.net is one of the major Plugins and Software creator for those working in Animation industry and users of Adobe After Effects. They have created numerous Plugins and Presets for Adobe After Effects. The most widely used and best of all is the Element 3D. It is a kind of 3D Software which can be used inside of After Effects so that you don’t need to depend on other 3D Software’s such as Autodesk 3DS Max and Cinema 4D all the time. Element 3D can be used like any other effects inside of Adobe After Effects. Simply crate a solid and drop the effect on it. It is a kind of particle system where the particles act as the 3D objects. You can control various properties of your 3D models, from texturing to rigging, environment and much more.

Videocopilot has provided many 3D packs such as Metropolitan City pack where there are number of High Quality 3D models of building and Sky Scrapers available ready to be used instantly right inside of Adobe After Effects. Similarly, a new pack known as the Jet Strike was released recently. In that pack, you will find models of Commercial and well as Military aircrafts. These models are of very High Quality and are fully rigged so that you can easily control the animation of various parts of the airplane.


From canopy of the aircraft to the landing gears, flaps, rudders, almost every moving part can be controlled. you can detach individual parts from your models and control their behavior in a separate group. For example, you can detach a missile from an aircraft and animate it in any way you want. Element 3D is really a very cool add-on for After Effects. You can purchase it directly from Videocopilot.net

How to use Element 3D?

Using Element 3D is very simple. Once you setup the plugin, start After Effects, than create a new Solid. Now go into Effects > Videocopilot > Element and apply the effect on the Solid layer. Now click on Scene Setup, this will open the Element 3D model browser. Here, you can select your models as well as use the import button to import models from different storage location. You can import .obj as well as some other formats. Your Element 3D packs will be available at the right panel under Model Browser if you have any.


Once you select your desired 3D model, you can change the environment map by clicking on the environment button at the top and choosing one from the presets. You can also import custom environment maps. To orbit around the model, you can use the left mouse it, hold and drag. Right mouse click can be used to change the light source but this is for reference only. Once you are done setting up the model and environment, click on OK button. The model will now be visible inside the composition. Now, create a new camera by going into New > Layer > Camera. Using the camera tools (Keyboard shortcut C), you can orbit or pan around your model in order to setup your scene.

Setting up lighting is also very easy. Simply create a light by going into  New > Layer > Light and create a parallel Light. Keep the color and intensity according to your scene. Create another light and make it an ambient one to illuminate the model to make it look more realistic.

To Learn more, Watch the Video Tutorial below.


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