Camera Animations in After Effects can be annoying if you are trying to create some complex moves. Also, expanding camera layers to set Depth of Field, Aperture and other settings are also complicated as well as time consuming.

If you are also struggling with the Camera Animations in After Effects, it’s time to look into “FlexCam for After Effects” by Tim Van Helsdingen.

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FlexCam is an After Effects Template that greatly improves the After Effects Camera Animation Workflow. The template includes individual layers for different Camera Animation tasks. All these are linked with a Master Controller layer from where you can easily create complex camera moves.

FlexCam Camera Animation Template
FlexCam Master Controller Layer

Also you can enable or disable Depth of Field and Vignette in a click. The layer “Flex_DOF/EFFECTS” has everything you need to control DOF and other effects. You can very easily set the Aperture, Blur amount, Wiggle Speed, Wiggle Amount, Vignetting, Vignette size and Vignette intensity by keyframing the sliders.

FlexCam Camera Animation Template

Download FlexCam for After Effects

Features of FlexCam

  • Click and drag camera controls
  • Independent axis control
  • All camera controls in easy reach
  • Keep objects always in focus, even if camera moves
  • Copy/paste position data to focus on objects
  • Hotbox controls for intuitive animation
  • Adjustable camera rotation point
  • Build in vignetting options
  • Build in camera wiggle effect
  • Works on ANY resolution and aspect ratio

FlexCam is a ‘Pay what you want‘ template. Meaning you can decide for yourself what you pay!

Get FlexCam for After Effects

How to Use FlexCam Camera Animation Template

Take a look at this tutorial video by Tim Van Helsdingen on how to use the FlexCam Camera Animation Template.

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