Boujou is the latest generation of Vicon’s award-winning camera tracking software. It provides fully automated 3D camera tracking and calibration from film and video material. In most cases no prior information about the camera or material is required, and no skilled user intervention is needed to derive the 3D information.

Boujou makes it easier to add 3D objects to live camera footage in your 3D animation package by creating a virtual camera that matches the physical one that took the shot. It does this by automatically identifying features in the scene over the entire length of the shot. These features are automatically linked together into a large number of tracks. boujou then uses state-of- the-art techniques to solve the highly complex 3D mathematics in order to work out the camera parameters for each frame of the shot.


The Video below illustrate an example where Vicon Boujou is used to Motion Track the footage and that tracking data is used in Autodesk 3ds Max to Matchmove the falling guns.

System Specifications for Boujou Installation

We recommend the following minimum computer specification for boujou to run successfully:
• Windows XP SP3 Vista SP1
• Intel Macintosh 10.5 Leopard 10.6 Snow Leopard
• Linux Red Hat Enterprise 4.X + Centos 4.X + Fedora Core 5, 8, and 10
• At least 1 GB of RAM.
• At least a 1 GHz processor (or equivalent). The processor must support SSE2 instructions. The majority of newer processors do—however, Intel Pentium III and some older AMD processors do not. The tracking software is currently not multi- threaded, so you will not see any significant improvement in performance on a multi- processor machine.
• An OpenGL graphics card.
• A two-button mouse.
• Approximately 90 MB of disk space for the application and associated files.
• 24-bit color display.

camera tracking boujou

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