I finally bought my very own Canon 60D, just because it’s a well known Digital SLR for Film Makers and Videographers. Canon 60D offers a swivel LCD screen, just like any other handycam and one can easily take varied angle video shots.

Proper lighting plays a crucial role in getting High Quality and clean looking video shots. Apart from Aperture and Shutter, our DSLR’s can digitally enhance the lighting of a shot though the ISO settings.

When shooting in a low light situation without any additional light panels, you really need to bump up the ISO value. Though you will see a major enhancement in the overall lighting of your shot, you will also notice the increased amount of grains on your footage. Higher the ISO value, higher will be the grains.

Canon 60D Low Light Video

With Canon and Nikon DSLR’s, the safest ISO value is 1600. Above 1600, you’ll notice the loss in quality and high amount of grains.

So, with Canon 60D, I went out at a GHAT (series of steps leading down to a body of water, particularly a holy river) and shot a small video – RIVERINE, to really test the low light capabilities of this camera.

The Primary settings I used while filming are:

  1. Resolution – Full HD , 1920 x 1080
  2. FPS or Frames Per Second – 25
  3. Shutter Speed – 30
  4. ISO – 6400
  5. Aperture – 4.5

Take a look at the final video below. Did some color correction in the Post but left the grains untouched.

RIVERINE – Canon 60D Low Light Video

Watch This Video on YouTube


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