The default Output Module of After Effects Render Queue is Lossless and it renders uncompressed AVIs, which generates huge files, a few seconds can lead to GBs of space. Although this is great if you wish to use the files on another programs but is not very good for final output. The high bitrate makes it difficult for most media players to play the files. Also, it is very difficult to upload and transfer such files, when you are running on slow internet connections.

When it comes to common renders, you’ve probably had to go through different renders changing the settings and wishing you could just make those settings as default output module.

Changing Default Output Module

Well, that’s very easy. To change After Effects Render Queue Default Output Module,

  1. Add your project to the render queue by going into Composition > Add to render queue or using keyboard keys CTRL + SHIFT + / (for all versions) or CTRL + M (Alternate shortcut for After Effects CS6).
    Default Output Module
  2. Click on Lossless to open Output Module settings window and select your desired file format as well as other settings.
    Render Queue Default Output Module
  3. Now, click on the small drop down button at output module and click on Make Template as shown in the GIF below.You can set a custom name for your template. This will save all your custom output module settings as a template which you can use any time for future renders.
    Render Queue Default Output Module
  4. Although, we have created a custom template of desired format settings, still we have to select it from the drop down list every time we add a composition in Render Queue.
    To set it as a default Output Module, Click on the small drop down button at Output Module, Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click on the template name. This will set your custom template as the default Output Module. So, next time, whenever you add a comp in render queue, you just need to hit the RENDER button instead of changing format settings every time.
    Render Queue Default Output Module

Okay, but that only sets the default output module for Video outputs. What about “Save Frame As“, which defaults to a Photoshop file. Using the same process, you can click the drop down button and select “Make Template”. Create a template of your custom settings and use the CTRL key method to set it as DEFAULT.

For detailed explanation on ‘How to create a custom Render Template in After Effects’, refer to this tutorial.


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