It is essential to handle with care your camera and an occasional cleaning is a must. You need to ensure you are utilizing the best tools for the task.

How to Clean Lenses

Lenses are extremely diverse tools from camera sensor. These are uncovered to the elements once taking pictures and are very vulnerable to getting dirtied up. Manufacturers  made these with this in mind, therefore working to clean your lenses is a diverse process than the camera sensor, which is intended to be secured at all times. A number of lens dirtiness could be alleviated with simple items which can be stored in the camera bag with ease.

Use Filters

camera uv filter

The first preferred technique for keeping clean glass is to secure the camera lenses with filters. Although you will want to clean the filters just as often, however it will secure the lenses from getting dirtied up. It depends on your shoot; you can utilize either a GND or ND filter or a UV filter for security and slightly enhanced clarity.

Camera Lens Fluid and Cloth

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Another preferred way would be to utilize a lens cleaner and lens cloth. You can use disposable lens tissue, provided the fact that its properties are alike to microfiber. You can purchase residual oil remover fluids online for a fraction of cost.

Lens Wipes

Also, you can purchase lens wipes. They are a better choice than cloth and lens fluid.

How to Clean Camera Sensor

Cleaning camera sensor is another story. Damaging the camera sensor could be relatively an investment depending on the camera. The manufacturers understand this and thus some cameras out there have integrated sensor cleaning mechanisms.  The camera automatically cleans the sensor each time you switch it off. Camera’s automatic cleans either through vibrating or shaking very slightly and fast and negatively charging the air in the sensor to clear up the dust off. In case your camera doesn’t have this feature, you need to try this method of cleaning the camera sensors.



It is the best and suggested means of cleaning camera sensor. Utilizing blower is preferred way of cleaning the sensor. As much as possible avoid blowing with your mouth due to liquid particles that might get into the sensor that can mess up your camera sensor.


Brush for cleaning digital camera with hand on wood table

Another effective way of cleaning your camera sensor is through the use of brushes. This lightly gets rid of the dirt or dust off of the camera sensor. Ensure you utilize a clean sensor-made brush which does not have hard hair which might scratch or damage the sensor.

The best way to see if the camera lenses and sensor are clean after clearing up is to take a reference picture. Set the camera to low aperture and shoot a picture opposed to a pure white setting or background. You can slightly move your camera to make a blur in order that specks show up. You can check it in your viewfinder to check for some dust and dirt.