The usability of a software is always limited to an extent. But, to increase it’s functions and features, add-ons or so called plugins are available. They are meant to enhace the limits of any software. After Effects or similar compositing software users can also enjoy such benefits. You can anytime boost your creativity by installing After Effects Plugins. There are many website’s were you can find plugins for After Effects such as Red Giant, Video Copilot, etc. After Effects Plugins are paid or free.

Since there are many artists and companies who provides After effects Plugins online, it can be difficult for a user to know and learn about each of them. It may be possible that you are still unaware of plugins that can help you save time and enhance your creativity.

A simple search term or keyword that you can use to search on google or any other search engine is ‘AFTER EFFECTS PLUGINS‘ but this will give you thousands of results and it is not possible to open each of those links unless you are Chuck Norris or Rajnikant( South Indian Chuck).


But, there is a website with huge collection of After Effects Plugins, free as well as paid. is one stop destination where you can access hundreds of plugins for After Effects as well as other compositing and editing software. The website is not limited to After Effects only and freebies collection is sorted out in separate category. That means you can download all the free stuff at one go.

After Effects Plugins toolfarm

You can also download the demo version for try outs before purchasing a licensed version. All available software’s are very well organised with drop down menu. Apart from After Effects Plugins, you can also purchase and download Photoshop Plugins, Premier Pro Plugins, 3ds Max Plugins, Cinema 4d Plugins, Nuke Plugins, Final Cut Pro Plugins and much more.


Plugins at Toolfarm are updated frequently and the best part is that you can purchase plugins directly from Toolfarm cart. You can also buy After Effects and other Visual Effects and Motion Graphics software on Toolfarm.

After Effects Plugins toolfarm

Toolfarm also offers in-depth tutorial and training videos on After Effects and other related software.


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