There are number of Computer Animation Institutes in India where you can enroll yourself if you desire to learn Animation or Motion Graphics. Below I have listed 7 Best Computer Animation Institutes in India for you to take a look at. 

Whistling Woods International School of Animation

wwi computer animation

Whistling Woods International commonly known as WWI is a Film School started by a legendary Film Maker, Subhash Ghai. The Institute also provides Computer Animation Courses that can help you achieve success in the industry.

The courses at WWI are designed to ensure that the student’s learning is collaborative and industry oriented. The curriculum at WWI is a unique hybrid of theoretical and practical aspects and ensuring that the creative dovetails well with the business aspects. All students also undergo rigorous study in several co-curricular faculties like Film Appreciation, International Art Literature Culture, Production Design & Music.

MAAC Computer Animation Institute

maac computer animation

Maya academy of Advance Cinematic, generally known as MAAC, is the high-end 3D Animation & VFX education brand of Aptech. Through its wide network of centers, MAAC has prepared thousands of students for careers in Animation, VFX, Film making, Gaming, Web and Graphics Design. The Academy provides quality education through career-oriented courses, leading to top-notch job placements.

MAAC has a dedicated Research & Development team consisting of industry professionals. This team is responsible for planning the detailed curriculum for each course.

The Academy conducts faculty training programs to ensure high standards of teaching in the classroom. All MAAC teachers are trained by Animation industry professionals who help sharpen their creative & technical skills.

MAAC offers you variety of courses such as 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Graphics and Multimedia, Gaming as well as some other short term courses.

Arena Animation

arena computer animation

Arena Animation is the Animation, Web designing, VFX & Multimedia education arm of Aptech Ltd. Over the past 18 years, Arena Animation has successfully trained more than 400,000 students through its career-oriented courses.

  • Arena Animation imparts quality education in Animation, Web designing, VFX, Gaming & Multimedia. These trained professionals find job placements in major studios across India & overseas. Here is how Arena ensures high standards:
  • Online Portal: E-books, study material and video tutorials, all available on Onlinevarsity
  • Multiple course options : Variety of career & short-term courses tailored to the needs of students & working professionals.
  • Quality faculty : Trained & certified faculty who teach the latest techniques in the animation industry, using the most cutting-edge software. Thanks to such training, Arena students create award-winning, quality animation films.
  • Job-ready students : Workshops and events such as Creative Minds & Perspectives, as well as studio visits are organized to encourage student-industry interaction and prepare students to be industry-ready.
  • Placement activities : Job fairs, campus placement drives, etc. are conducted for students to get suitable job placements in the industry.

Picasso Animation College

Picasso Animation College is set up with the vision of bringing in the global standards of animation industry to India and provide high caliber animation professionals to studio handling international projects.

To facilitate this at the fast pace, Picasso Animation College has implemented the best of international standards and practices and set up international alliances. We are staffed with the professionals with expertise in animation production as well as academic practices.

picasso computer animation

Picasso Animation College has earned a reputation as a stalwart in the field of animation. Established by Picasso Digital Media (Pvt Ltd), the Picasso Animation College has endeavored to instill and nurture creativity in talented individuals so as to sculpt competitive professionals and imbibe them with the tools necessary to flourish within global standards of quality. 

Much like its namesake, the Picasso Animation College stresses upon creativity and inspires its students to think beyond the box. Our fruitful partnerships has allowed us to provide valuable insights to our students and bring them in sync with the current international curricula with respect to Animation. Our faculty is synonymous with competence and informative exhaustiveness, being suitably enhanced with the influx of technological and creative experts from beyond borders. We have always emphasized on a qualitative approach in blending a potent mixture of creativity and technology to empower our students in carving a niche for themselves in the rapidly-proliferating animation industry.

Anitoons – School of Arts and Animation

A Division of Anitoons Animation Pvt. Ltd. is the first Animation Institute of Delhi since 2001.
ANITOONS THE SCHOOL OF ART & ANIMATION, A Division of Anitoons Animation Pvt. Ltd. is the first Animation Institute of Delhi since 2001. Anitoons is the first Fine Art college to introduce BFA with specialization in Animation.

ANITOONS THE SCHOOL OF ANIMATION or popularly known as ANITOONS Production is an exclusive Training Center for Fine Arts ( Painting, Sculpture, Applied Art, Photography & Animation) 2D Cel (Classical), Stopmotion (Clay/Sand), 3D (CGI) Digital Animation & visual fx at New Delhi.

Pixelloid Computer Animation

pixeloid computer animation

Students receive hands-on training on live projects, with minimal theory classes, thereby exposing them to practical production processes. This synergy between production and education, live experience and class-room training, is what makes Pixelloid a pioneer, setting it apart from its competitors. Pixelloid gear students to be production-ready at the outset itself, thus dramatically improving their career prospects.

Pixelloid has already gained a reputation within the industry for focusing more on quality than on quantity. All courses are capped at 12 students per class, assuring students of personalized training.

FX School

fxschool computer animation

FX School’s 12-month project-oriented diploma course in CG Animation is designed to help you to become a production ready professional in the Animation and Visual Effects industry. The course comprises 3 months of Foundation, 3 months of Specialization and 2 Pro course modules of 3 months each.


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