Tips for Designing Your Own Wedding Album

Some simple but effective tips for creating your own wedding album.

Let the Pictures speak for themselves

Don’t fill your album with unnecessary clutter. and in a digital age it’s easy to fill your album with lots of cool digital stuff. Go with the pictures that get to the core of the emotion, not ones that look technically good.

Organize Your Images

Review all your images based on how important they are to you! If you’re designing a digital album. divide your images into important and less important. Items you want as background images could be filed under “less important” for example.

Think Chronologically

Ceremony photos need to go before reception photos. and likewise photos of the bride getting dressed with her bridesmaids should go at the front of the album.

Include the Iconic Moments

Don’t forget to capture the iconic moments. The bride entering the church or place of wedding. the exchanging of rings. the look on the groom’s face when he sees his future wife for the first time.

These are all iconic moments that demand to be captured on film. So make sure they make it into the album.

Don’t Forget the Themes

Like a magazine. it helps if a wedding album has themes or spreads. For example. if you’ve got some lovely black and white photos of the bride in her dress. put these together into a spread.

Likewise with the high color pictures of wedding guests getting a bit tipsy and dancing to the Bee Gees. these need to on a page of their own.

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