Our After Effects Templates directory has a new addition, The Cube Template which you can download for free and use to create Sci-Fi Titles for your Project.

The Project File is easy to use and requires no Third-Party plugins or presets. To create this After Effects Template, i used the CC Particle World and changed the look of the particles to Cube. Tweaked with the settings a bit and increased the x,y and z radius to create a wide field full of thousands of Cubes.

I randomized the size and rotation of the cube so that each and every cube looks different. Then I placed few text layers at different positions between the Cube environment and used a camera layer to create an animation. This way i got a really cool camera fly effect.

The Cube – After Effects Template Demo

Motion Blur is used to add blur to the camera movement which makes the animation look more intense. I also added a grain layer to bind everything together.

  • Create cool Sci-Fi Titles
  • 5 Custom Title Slides
  • Build with CC Particle World
  • No Third Party Plugin required
  • Font Included


How to use Cube After Effects Template

To learn more about how to customize The Cube After Effects Template, Take a look at the Video below.

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