Dad is an After Effects Expert
Action Movie Kid

It’s always good to have an amazing and a cool dad but you know what’s great? Having a dad who can use After Effects and some other 3D programs to put you inside your favourite games and movies

James Hashimoto is one of the luckiest kids on Earth as his dad Daniel Hashimoto is a Dreamworks Animator. He uses Adobe After Effect on home movies and turn them into incredible action videos.

So, sit back and enjoy the Action Kid videos as it’s getting a lot more interesting with each new video.

Action Movie Kid Volume 2

Playtime With Dad

Between blasting UFOs out of the window of a car to starring in a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot’s scene that is at least 50 times better than Real Steel, Action Movie Kid has a few more solid scenes to add to his clip reel. Who needs to waste time just playing pretend when you can skip right to “acting for the green screen“?

[Action Movie Kid via Sploid]


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